OIG investigation of Global Fund grants to Sierra Leone finds fraud, collusion, and non-compliant procurements

24 Jun 2020
Theft of funds meant for Community Health Workers' training and allowances in Sierra Leone


The Global Fund’s I Speak Out Now! campaign enters a second phase

27 Jun 2017
This OIG initiative encourages implementers and the Secretariat to denounce fraud and other wrongdoing

The Global Fund’s anti-corruption initiative, the I Speak Out Now! campaign, is now into its second phase. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage grant implementers and the Secretariat to denounce fraud, abuse and human rights violations in programs financed by the Fund.


Treatment Action Campaign Recovers Global Fund Money Stolen by Employee

2 Sep 2011

TAC has published details of the theft

Editor's Note: This article contains information on a form of fraud that could occur in organisations that have not put adequate accounting safeguards in place.