OIG investigation reveals fraudulent activities by an SR in Nigeria

10 May 2016
$3.8 million in expenditures deemed non-compliant

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General has found evidence of systematic embezzlement of program funds, fraudulent practices, and collusion by staff of a sub-recipient for an HIV grant to Nigeria. The OIG released a report on investigation on 3 May.


OIG releases reports on three investigations

19 Apr 2016
Non-compliant expenditures were found in TB grants to India and Bangladesh, and a malaria grant to Guyana

Between 29 March and 13 April 2016, the Office of the Inspector General published reports on three investigations – one each in India, Guyana and Bangladesh. The OIG identified non-compliant expenditures ranging from $56,966 for a malaria grant in Guyana to $311,637 for a TB grant in Bangladesh. This article provides a brief summary of the OIG’s findings.


Расследование ОГИ раскрывает доказательства сговора, мошенничества и коррупции при деятельности, связанной с закупками в Казахстане

18 Feb 2015
Контракты на сумму 16,5 млн долларов оказались скомпрометированы; ОГИ рекомендует восстановление по крайней мере 5,4 млн долларов из переплаченных денежных средств

Расследование, проведенное Управлением Генерального Инспектора (ОГИ) в сфере закупкок для нужд грантов по ВИЧ и ТБ в Казахстане, выявило доказательства систематического сговора, мошенничества и коррупции со стороны местных поставщиков и других заинтересованных сторон, компромитирующие 76 контрактов на общую сумму 16,5 млн долларов. Обособленно, схожие проблемы в меньшем масштабе были раскрыты в Йемене.


OIG investigation uncovers evidence of collusion, fraud and corruption in procurement activities in Kazakhstan

2 Feb 2015
Contracts worth $16.5 million were compromised; OIG recommends that at least $5.4 million in over-payments be recovered

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) into procurement in HIV and TB grants to Kazakhstan found evidence of systematic collusion, fraud and corruption by local vendors and other parties that compromised 76 contracts worth $16.5 million. Separately, similar problems on a smaller scale were uncovered in Yemen.


OIG Investigation in Georgia Reveals That Two Suppliers Conspired to Obtain Contracts

15 Jun 2013
Suppliers were assisted by the PR, OIG says
PR denies the allegations

The OIG says that is has uncovered “credible and substantial evidence” that two suppliers for programmes supported by Global Fund grants in Georgia worked together to steer contracts to each other, and that they were assisted in this effort by several staff members of the principal recipient (PR).