Le Conseil d’administration du Fonds mondial approuve 18,5 millions de dollars d'interventions du registre des demandes de qualité non financées

23 Jan 2020
Financement pour l'Erythrée, Eswatini, la République kirghize et le Soudan dans les domaines du paludisme et du VIH/TB

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Global Fund Board approves $46.4 million in interventions from the UQD Register

7 Oct 2019
Funding revisions to nine grants from Bhutan, Niger, South Sudan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan

On 27 September 2019, by electronic vote, the Global Fund Board approved funding for interventions from the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) valued at $46.4 million for nine grants in five countries (see Table). Most of the funds for these awards come from a portfolio-optimization exercise that was carried out in April 2019 for the 2017-2019 allocation cycle.


Global Fund resumes funding to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

6 Oct 2019
Board approves a consolidated TB and malaria grant worth $42 million, from the 2017-2019 allocations

When the Global Fund terminated its grants to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), also known as North Korea, on 21 February 2018, the Fund said, “We remain committed to supporting the health of the people in DPRK, and hope to re-engage when possible.”


Toutes les demandes de financement présentées au Fonds mondial pour la période 2017-2019 ont été examinées par le CTEP, et la plupart ont été approuvées par le Conseil d’administration

5 Sep 2019
La presque totalité des 20 millions de dollars mis de côté pour les financements d’urgence a été attribuée

Au 1er juillet 2019, le Comité technique d’examen des propositions (CTEP) avait terminé d’examiner les demandes de financement de la période d’allocation 2017-2019 et formulé des recommandations couvrant la totalité des fonds à allouer aux pays (10,3 milliards de dollars), tous les fonds de contrepartie soumis à son examen (313 millions de dollars) et l’ensemble des fonds réservés pour les subventions multipays (260 millions de doll


All funding requests to the Global Fund for 2017-2019 reviewed by TRP, most approved by the Board

21 Aug 2019
Virtually all of $20 million set aside for emergencies has been awarded

As of 1 July 2019, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) has completed its reviews of funding requests for the 2017-2019 allocations and has issued recommendations covering all of the funds available for country allocation ($10.3 billion); all of the matching funds that were subject to TRP review ($313 million); and all of the funds earmarked for multi-country grants ($260 million).


Global Fund Board approves new country and multi-country grants valued at $47.3 million

20 Aug 2019
Interventions from the UQD Register worth $42.2 million also approved

On 16 August 2019, by electronic vote, the Global Fund Board approved funding for three country grants worth $32.7 million (Colombia HIV, Honduras TB/HIV and Kazakhstan TB). Domestic commitments for the programs included in the approved country grants amounted to $1.17 billion. Initiatives valued at $2.4 million were added to the Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) Register. (See Table 1.)


Global Fund Board approves initiatives worth $18 million from the Unfunded Quality Demand Register

31 Jul 2019
A private sector contribution of $2 million will support RAI grant in Southeast Asia; others through portfolio optimization

On 24 July 2019, the Global Fund Board approved funding in the amount of $18.0 million from the 2017-2019 allocations for several interventions on the Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) Register. The funds will be added to three existing country grants and one existing multi-country grant. The sources of these funds are portfolio optimization and a private sector contribution. (See Table 1 below.)


Global Fund invests $40 million to facilitate $400-million World Bank loan to India

26 Jun 2019
Loan ‘buy-down’ leverages increased resources to frontload India’s investment, help achieve impact quickly

The Global Fund describes the $41.6 million in funding awarded to India in April as an innovative approach that will catalyze significant additional funding for the fight against tuberculosis. The award includes $40.0 million to buy down a portion of a $400.0-million loan from the World Bank over five years.


Global Fund Board approves new country and multi-country grants along with interventions on UQD Register

27 May 2019
Largest single award was $13.2 million for a Burkina Faso malaria grant

On 13 May 2019, the Global Fund Board approved, by electronic vote, funding for five country grants having a total value of $25.2 million. Domestic commitments for the programs included in the approved country grants amounted to $937.9 million. The five country grants were for four countries: Gabon, Georgia, Peru and Serbia. The largest award ($9.3 million) was for a Georgia HIV grant. (See Table 1 for details.)


New implementation arrangements for the Global Fund’s TB grants to Nigeria

28 Jan 2019
Transition to the new arrangements will happen in the first six months of 2019

New implementation arrangements have been put in place for the TB programs funded through Nigeria’s new TB and TB/HIV grants.