Aidspan releases its Asia Pacific report

18 Apr 2017

Aidspan has made public its second-ever regional report: a snapshot of countries and one regional initiative in the Asia Pacific region.


Country-led and community-owned? How cultural imperatives at the global level translate on the ground

18 Aug 2015

In my seven years as a technical advisor to the National Department of Health in Papua New Guinea, I watched the evolution of the relationship between the country and the Global Fund.


Le futur du Fonds mondial: la société civile réclame des interventions communautaires plus importantes

24 Jul 2015
Les participants veulent que les parties prenantes travaillent ensemble sur un pied d’égalité

Plus de 120 personnes se sont réunies les 23-24 juin à Bangkok pour le forum de partenariat Asie-Pacifique : le deuxième du genre organisé par le Fonds mondial afin de faire entendre les voix de la société civile et élaborer la stratégie de développement pour la période 2017-2021.


Un appel à changer la stratégie du Fonds mondial dans la lutte contre la tubeculose

24 Jul 2015
Les parties prenantes en Asie-Pacifique réclament de nouveaux objectifs et une nouvelle approche.

Un changement radical dans la prévention, le diagnostic et la gestion des cas de tuberculose est nécessaire pour remplir les objectifs à l’échelle mondiale, affirment les participants d’une consultation tenue le 23 juin et organisée par le Partenariat Stop TB.


The call to radically change the face of TB in the new Global TB strategy

10 Jul 2015
New targets require a new approach, Asia Pacific stakeholders say

Radical change in the approach to TB prevention, diagnosis and case management is needed if new global targets are to be achieved, participants in a 23 June consultation hosted by the Stop TB Partnership said.


The Global Fund that we want: civil society speaks on the need for stronger community-based interventions

10 Jul 2015
Participants emphasize need for stakeholders to come together as equals

More than 120 people gathered on 23-24 June in Bangkok for the Asia-Pacific partnership forum: the second of its kind convened by the Global Fund to solicit voices from civil society and a range of stakeholders to feed into strategy development for the 2017-2021 period.


HIV spreading in Asia, including among Global Fund High Impact countries

11 Feb 2014
Lack of progress raises questions about targeting of HIV response

A UNAIDS special report released in November has warned of a risk that regional progress in Asia and the Pacific in stemming the spread of HIV is stagnating, recommending a closer look at value for money and strategic targets for external and domestic co-financing of prevention, treatment and care activities.


Global Fund and Manufacturers Reduce Prices of Malaria Drugs in Eight Countries

8 Oct 2010

Malaria patients in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia will pay significantly less for ACTs (artemisinin-based combination therapies) purchased through the private health care system, as a result of agreements between the Global Fund and six manufacturers of malaria drugs.


Chevron Corporation Donates US$30 Million to the Global Fund

29 Jan 2008

Chevron Corporation, one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, has become the Global Fund's first “Corporate Champion,” donating US$30 million over three years to support programmes financed by the Fund in parts of Asia and Africa.process.