Aspects of the Global Fund’s technical assistance and capacity building require “significant improvement”, says OIG

3 Jun 2020
The Secretariat does not adequately monitor technical assistance provided by multilateral partners, including some UN agencies.


Africa constituencies identify strategic issues for the 36th Global Fund Board meeting

17 Nov 2016

In preparation for the 36th Global Fund Board meeting that took place on 16 to 17 November 2016, the Africa constituencies Bureau convened from 31 October to 1 November 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda to look at critical issues brought to the attention of the board.


Où en est-on des six Initiatives Spéciales du Fonds mondial ?

6 Apr 2016

Le Secrétariat a donné des informations sur les Initiatives Spéciales au Comité de la Stratégie, des Investissements et de l’Impact (CSII) et au Comité des Finances et des résultats opérationnels. Ces informations n’ont pas été rendues publiques, mais Aidspan a reçu la permission d’en couvrir le contenu.


An update on The Global Fund’s six special initiatives

5 Apr 2016

The Secretariat has provided an update on Special Initiatives to the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee and the Financial and Operational Performance Committee. The update has not been made public, but Aidspan has received permission to report on its contents.


Progress reported on community, rights and gender initiatives

31 Mar 2015
Work started on obtaining key population size estimates in 16 countries

The Global Fund provided an update on its implementation of the $15 million Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative: technical assistance to improve civil society participation in country dialogue and concept note development, and support for long-term capacity development of civil society networks.

The CRG special initiative has three components:


The Global Fund Should Take Transparency to Another Level

18 Apr 2013

by Robert Bourgoing


UNDP Strengthens National Entities to Implement Global Fund Grants

13 Mar 2013
The UN body has completed its work as PR in 19 countries

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says that it plays a key role in developing the capacity of national bodies in the countries where it operates as principal recipient (PR) to enable them to implement Global Fund grants after UNDP has completed its term as PR.


Global Fund Board Approves “Re-Launch” of Malaria Grant in Mozambique

9 Oct 2012
“New” grant focuses on systems strengthening and capacity building

In June 2012, the Global Fund Board approved the “re-launch” of a health systems strengthening (HSS) grant in Mozambique. After two years of inactivity, the grant was re-launched as a three-year re-programmed grant. It is believed to be the first time a grant has ever been re-launched.


Board Committee Highlights Lessons Learned from OIG Audits

27 May 2010

A Global Fund Board committee has concluded that reports from the Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reveal a clear lack of focus by certain PRs on building the long-term capacity of national systems. The committee said that this is something that needs to be more fully addressed through the Global Fund's policies and grant oversight.


Global Fund Will Soon Provide Procurement-Related Technical Assistance

18 Dec 2009

Service providers for the Global Fund's Capacity Building Service and Supply Chain Management Assistance (CBS/SCMA) initiative have been selected, and discussions are underway with about 10 countries that have expressed interest in strengthening their national supply chain management system.