TERG report to Global Fund Board highlights the TERG’s Strategic Review 2017 and prospective country evaluations

15 Nov 2017
New TERG Documents Procedure will mean greater public access to TERG reports

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group, or TERG, submitted its report to the Global Fund Board ahead of its 38th meeting on 14-15 November. The report principally provided updates on the TERG’s Strategic Review 2017 and the launch of prospective country evaluations. In addition, the report mentioned the establishment of a TERG Documents Procedure, which provides a framework for making TERG documents available to the public again.


Le Fonds mondial reçoit d’excellentes notes dans une évaluation de ses performances

7 Apr 2017
Le Fonds est « à la hauteur de sa mission », l’innovation est valorisée
L’évaluation signale également des domaines appelant des améliorations

« Le Fonds mondial démontre un leadership fort dans la riposte au VIH et au sida, à la tuberculose et au paludisme... Le Fonds répond parfaitement aux critères d’une organisation multilatérale efficace. Il est à la hauteur de sa mission et capable d’évoluer en fonction des besoins futurs. »


Global Fund gets top marks in performance assessment

2 Apr 2017
Fund is “fit for purpose;” innovation is valued
Assessment also identifies areas where improvements are needed

“The Global Fund provides strong leadership for the response to HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria…. The Fund fully meets the requirements of an effective multilateral organization. It is fit for purpose and able to adapt to future needs.”


Aidspan releases report on external review of its role as watchdog

19 Oct 2015

Aidspan has released a report on a rapid external independent review of its role as watchdog for the Global Fund. The review assessed the current and potential future roles of Aidspan, taking into account new concepts and models for the watchdog function globally; the views of watchdog funders and Aidspan users; and changes at the Global Fund and the wider environment in which Aidspan operates.


Georgian concept note priorities reflect national strategies, WHO says

17 Jul 2015
More must be done to improve case detection rates in both HIV and TB in order to improve health outcomes

Georgia’s concept notes for both HIV and TB are closely reflecting the priorities identified in their national strategic plans, a recent WHO evaluation has found, but must ensure that more interventions focus on improving case detection rates for the two diseases.


Aidspan launches biennial readership survey for Global Fund Observer (GFO)

6 May 2014
The periodic survey will help understand the evolving needs of readers

Aidspan has launched its biennial readership survey for readers of its flagship publication, Global Fund Observer, seeking to understand the broad interests and needs of its nearly 9,000 subscribers from more than 170 countries.


France Undertakes an Evaluation of Its “Contribution” to the Global Fund

2 May 2013
Evaluation will help guide France concerning how it manages its contribution
Challenges of the new funding model will also be studied

The Foreign Ministry of France is undertaking an evaluation of the French “contribution” to the Global Fund. France wants to assess the extent to which Global Fund grants promote France’s development objectives and priorities. The evaluation will also assess the challenges faced by the Global Fund in introducing its new funding model.


The First Fifty "Phase 2 Renewals"

23 May 2005

The Global Fund has made its fiftieth decision regarding whether to approve a grant for extension beyond the first two years, known as "Phase 2 Renewal."