Global Fund’s new results reporting methodology critiqued as being “insufficiently rigorous”

1 May 2019
The methodology was developed following extensive multi-year consultations

On the cover of its Results Report 2018, the Global Fund loudly proclaims: “27 million lives saved.” The top-line figure is the result of a new methodology used to estimate the Fund’s impact.


Global Fund Board will strengthen selection processes for Board committees, for May 2019 decision

15 Nov 2018
Ethics and Governance Committee invites broad stakeholder consultation


The Ethics and Governance Committee (EGC) is coordinating consultations on the processes to select the membership and leadership of Board committees.


TERG report to Global Fund Board highlights the TERG’s Strategic Review 2017 and prospective country evaluations

15 Nov 2017
New TERG Documents Procedure will mean greater public access to TERG reports

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group, or TERG, submitted its report to the Global Fund Board ahead of its 38th meeting on 14-15 November. The report principally provided updates on the TERG’s Strategic Review 2017 and the launch of prospective country evaluations. In addition, the report mentioned the establishment of a TERG Documents Procedure, which provides a framework for making TERG documents available to the public again.


Global Fund gets top marks in performance assessment

2 Apr 2017
Fund is “fit for purpose;” innovation is valued
Assessment also identifies areas where improvements are needed

“The Global Fund provides strong leadership for the response to HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria…. The Fund fully meets the requirements of an effective multilateral organization. It is fit for purpose and able to adapt to future needs.”


Les lettres d’allocation clarifient les priorités des investissements à effet catalyseur

27 Jan 2017
Les lettres précisent les pays éligibles aux fonds de contrepartie

Allocation letters shed further light on catalytic investment priorities

12 Jan 2017
Letters specify which countries are eligible for matching funds
*Editor’s Note: Since the publication of this article, the Global Fund has subsequently made all information about matching funds publicly available on its website:

CCM performance appraisals and improvement plans still not being made public

5 Sep 2016

In its latest report, the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) recommended approval of funding for a TB/HIV grant to Central Africa Republic. The report mentions, among other things, that “GAC partners highlighted the opportunity to put into place an action to strengthen the CCM [country coordinating mechanism].”


Le processus pour appliquer les ajustements qualitatifs pour les allocations pour 2017 à 2019 sera-t-il vraiment plus transparent?

2 Jun 2016

Lors de sa dernière réunion les 26-27 avril, le Conseil a adopté une méthodologie d'allocation pour 2017-2019 (voir l'article de l’OFM ). Elle ne diffère sensiblement pas de la méthodologie utilisée pour les allocations 2014-2016.


Will the process to apply qualitative adjustments to the allocations for 2017-2019 really be more transparent?

24 May 2016

At its last meeting on 26-27 April, the Board adopted an allocation methodology for 2017-2019 (see GFO article). It does not differ significantly from the methodology used for the 2014-2016 allocations. As before, a disease burden/income level formula will be used to calculate initial allocations for each component.


The Global Fund scores well in the 2016 Aid Transparency Index

18 Apr 2016

According to the non-profit organization, Publish What You Fund (PWYF), The Global Fund ranks among the top five donors of global aid for its transparency and accountability. PWYF released its Aid Transparency Index on 13 April.