Early Applicant Funding for Zimbabwe to Be Combined with Funding from a Round 8 HIV Grant

15 Jun 2013
$31 million in unfunded quality demand identified

The $278.9 million in early applicant funding approved for HIV in Zimbabwe will be combined with existing funding from a Round 8 HIV grant. The principal recipient (PR) for this grant is the United Nations Development Programme.

The Global Fund provided a narrative to explain the comments of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) on the new funding. This article provides a summary of the comments.


Demand for Round 10 Expected to Be Strong

24 Sep 2010

It appears likely that the demand for funding in Round 10 will be about the same as it was in Round 9. The Global Fund has released preliminary figures indicating that the total two-year cost for all Round 10 applications amounts to $4.36 billion.


<em>"Aidspan Guide to Understanding Global Fund Processes for Grant Implementation - Volume 2: From First Disbursement to Phase 2 Renewal"</em> is Released

7 Dec 2007

Volume 2 of the "The Aidspan Guide to Understanding Global Fund Processes for Grant Implementation" has just been published. It covers the period from first disbursement to Phase 2 Renewal. It is accessible at no charge at www.aidspan.org/guides, where various other Aidspan Guides are also available. Versions of Volume 2 in French and Spanish will be posted early in 2008.


Global Fund Signs its Largest Ever Grant Agreement

29 Jun 2005

Last month the Global Fund signed its largest ever grant agreement. The grant is a Round 4 HIV/AIDS grant to Tanzania that will provide $103 million over the first two years. The main Principal Recipient (PR) for this grants is also the PR for a deeply troubled Round 1 grant, but the Fund says that this is acceptable because different Sub-Recipients will be used.


Global Fund Signs its Final &quot;Round One&quot; Grant

17 Apr 2005

On 14 April, the Global Fund signed its final Round 1 grant agreement. The $10 million HIV grant to Zimbabwe was originally approved three years ago.

Two Round 2 grant agreements have not yet been signed, two and a quarter years after approval. These are with Malawi, for malaria, and with South Africa, for HIV/TB.


Future Grants

21 Nov 2004

1. Round 5

After much debate and with considerable compromise, the Global Fund board unanimously agreed to launch "Round 5," the Fund's fifth cycle of grant-making. The dates will be as follows:


Global Fund Examines its Long Term Future

7 Jun 2004

The Global Fund Secretariat has conducted a study projecting how many grants it will have under management each year, and how much money it will spend, if recent grant-approval patterns continue in effect for years to come. The study, entitled "The Global Fund's Grant Making: Future Projections" was recently sent to members of Global Fund board delegations, with no restrictions as to further dissemination.