Global Fund role in attaining Universal Health Coverage will be in focus at UN General Assembly

10 Sep 2019
Ahead of the first High-Level Meeting on UHC at the UNGA, discussions about how multilaterals such as the Global Fund fit within a system of universal coverage become more prominent

With a High-Level Meeting on universal health coverage (UHC) scheduled for 23 September 2019, the day before the United Nations General Assembly begins, the United Nations could intensify the global movement toward a health-systems approach offering comprehensive basic coverage that is funded by domestic governments.


UNDP Strengthens National Entities to Implement Global Fund Grants

13 Mar 2013
The UN body has completed its work as PR in 19 countries

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says that it plays a key role in developing the capacity of national bodies in the countries where it operates as principal recipient (PR) to enable them to implement Global Fund grants after UNDP has completed its term as PR.


Reports Document Adverse Impacts of Cancelling Round 11

15 Aug 2012
Declines in expected funding have impaired the ability of countries to scale up, and have threatened to disrupt current services
Programmes run by community-based organisations have been hard hit

The cancellation of Round 11 by the Global Fund has had a significant impact on programmes to fight AIDS, TB and malaria including, in particular, programmes being implemented by civil society organisations (CSOs). Programme scale-up and even some essential life-saving interventions that were planned by countries were halted.


New Tools for Integrating Drug Use Initiatives and CSS in Proposals

13 Oct 2011

Briefing notes on how to integrate drug use initiatives in Round 11 proposals

The International Harm Reduction Network has produced briefing notes for Round 11 applicants on how to integrate initiatives related to drug use into their proposals The briefing notes, which are available in English and Russian, cover five topics:


HSS Reference Guide; FBO Manual; CSAT Action Alert; Resource Kit from WHO and UNAIDS

23 Aug 2011

HSS Reference Guide for Round 11 Proposals Released


Main Decisions Made at Global Fund April Board Meeting

30 Apr 2008

The main decisions made by the Global Fund Board at the meeting that ended yesterday were, in chronological order, as follows. (For precise wording of what the Board agreed, check in

www.theglobalfund.org/documents/board/17/GF-B17-DecisionPoints.pdf for the Decision Points specified below.)


Dropping the Ball

17 Apr 2008

If you stopped an ordinary man in the street here in Kenya and told him that there is a Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria which gives money to help Kenya fight the three diseases, he would probably be pleasantly surprised. For not many people here have any idea that such a fund exists.


Leading Candidates for Executive Director Position are Interviewed

19 Sep 2006

A subcommittee of the Global Fund's board this week interviewed about a dozen leading candidates for the position of Executive Director. The position became available when Richard Feachem, the current Executive Director, announced that he would not seek a renewal of his contract.


Feachem Speaks Out on AIDS in India

18 Oct 2004

India has the world's largest number of HIV-infected people, Global Fund Executive Director Richard Feachem said during a visit to India last month.

According to UN data, the number of people with HIV in India is 5.1 million, behind South Africa with 5.6 million. But, "I don't believe in the official statistics. India is already in first place," Feachem said.


International AIDS Conference Roundup

16 Jul 2004

The International AIDS Conference, which takes place every two years, ended today. Based this year in Bangkok, the conference was attended by 19,000 people. The Global Fund featured prominently. Thanks in large part to criticisms of President Bush's $15 billion PEPFAR initiative, the Fund was widely and somewhat simplistically portrayed by many as the knight on a shining white horse that could do no wrong.