Global Fund Suspension of Uganda Grants Leads to Nationwide Coverage

7 Sep 2005

The dominant story in the Ugandan media during the past two weeks has been the Global Fund's decision to temporarily suspend its grants to that country. As reported in the last issue of GFO, the suspension took place after a report by a "whistleblower" caused the Fund to commission an investigation by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Local Fund Agent (LFA).


Global Fund Terminates Grants to Myanmar

24 Aug 2005

The Global Fund has terminated its three grants to Myanmar (Burma), because it has concluded that political restrictions imposed by the government mean that the grants "cannot be managed in a way that ensures effective program implementation."


Urgent International Appeal for Full Funding of the Global Fund

10 Aug 2005

Donor Countries: Keep your Promise to Scale up the Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria

10 August 2005


Urgent Call for Action regarding Global Fund financing

10 Aug 2005

To: Global Fund supporters around the world

From: Rita Arauz Molina, Global Fund board member representing Developing Country NGOs

Peter van Rooijen, Global Fund board member representing Developed Country NGOs

Anandi Yuvaraj, Global Fund board member representing communities living with HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria

Date: 10 August 2005

Re: Urgent Call for Action regarding Global Fund financing


Using Global Fund Grants to Finance Human Resources for Health

5 May 2005

The shortage of health workers in Africa has become recognized as the most significant constraint to scaling up health services, including for AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Countries outside Africa also face significant health workforce challenges. Meeting health workforce needs will require significant funds. The Global Fund is one important possible source for the financial resources required to support human resources.


HIV-Treatment Numbers Grow

1 Feb 2005

Médecins Sans Frontières


Italy Restores its Pledge to the Global Fund

1 Feb 2005

Italy has decided that it will after all, although somewhat belatedly, pay its 2004 pledge of €100 million to the Global Fund. This means that the Fund can continue to state that no significant pledge to the Fund has ever been cancelled.



21 Nov 2004
  1. Partnership Forum report

A report was presented to the board by the chair of the committee that planned the Fund's first biennial Partnership Forum, attended by 400 participants in Bangkok in July.


Global Fund Encounters Criticism in Washington, DC

8 Nov 2004

The US Capitol Hill briefing in late September started out as a routine event - a discussion of what to do about the portion of the United States' 2004 allocation to the Global Fund that hadn't been matched, two-to-one, by other donors. But the briefing of Senate staffers by US administration officials quickly turned into an indictment of the Global Fund for everything from having poor financial management to supporting rogue states.


Bangkok Satellite Session on CCMs

9 Jul 2004

All those attending the Bangkok International AIDS Conference are invited to a satellite meeting on CCMs.

Title: The Global Fund - How CCMs can be More Effective

Date: Wednesday 14 July 2004, 18:00 to 20:00

Location: Bangkok International AIDS Conference, Conference Room D

Audience: CCM members (actual and potential) from all sectors