"Debt2Health" Initiative Launched by Global Fund

30 Sep 2007

The Global Fund has launched a new "Debt2Health" initiative that could result in substantial finances being received by the Fund. The initiative is a form of "debt conversion", in which Western governments that are owed money by developing countries agree to cancel a portion of the debt on condition that the developing countries in question invest specified lesser amounts of money in Global Fund-approved programmes.


Study Links Global Fund Grant Performance to Possible Contributory Factors

15 Jun 2007

Global Fund grants where the Principal Recipient (PR) is not a government entity are somewhat more likely to perform well, according to a recent statistical analysis published in The Lancet.


Main Decisions Made at Global Fund April Board Meeting

30 Apr 2007

Key decisions made by the Global Fund Board at the meeting that ended on Friday were as follows.


Global Fund Board Chooses New Chair From Private Sector

30 Apr 2007

The Global Fund has chosen a new Chair who comes from the private sector, and a new Vice-Chair who comes from an African NGO. This is the first time that both positions have come from sectors other than government.


The Imbalance Between Government and Civil Society in Global Fund Processes: A View from Thailand

26 Oct 2006

One of the key aspects of the Global Fund is the fact that the Fund permits, and indeed encourages, civil society to be actively involved in the governance and implementation of grants. However, over the past year or two, the Fund has increasingly been pushing for a more formal and a more standardized way of implementing grants.


Shortlist Chosen for Global Fund Executive Director Position

24 Oct 2006

A committee of the Global Fund's board has chosen a shortlist of five people for consideration as the Fund's new Executive Director, to succeed Richard Feachem.  The final choice will be made by the full board on 31 October.

According to the Wall Street Journal plus various web sources, the five shortlisted candidates are, in alphabetical order, as follows:


Preliminary Results of "360-degree Stakeholder Assessment" Released

5 Jul 2006

In a recently-completed survey about the Global Fund, recipient governments had a high opinion of the Fund, but multilaterals agencies were much less sure. In addition, recipient governments ranked their own partnerships with civil society very high, yet civil society gave a much lower ranking to the same relationship. And major concerns were raised regarding the provision of technical assistance by partners.


Donors Meet to Review Global Fund Progress

5 Jul 2006

Representatives of over twenty donor governments met in Durban yesterday and today for a Mid-Term Review of the first "Replenishment" period of the Global Fund, covering 2006-7. The primary purpose of the meeting was for donors to receive presentations from the Secretariat regarding the Fund's progress thus far.


Ugandan Official Inquiry Condemns Minister

29 Jun 2006

A Ugandan Presidential commission of inquiry into misuse of Global Fund money has concluded that the man who has just been replaced as Uganda's Minister of Health, Maj. Gen.


Replenishment Meeting Falls Short of Expectations

7 Sep 2005

Governmental donors yesterday pledged $3.7 billion to the Global Fund. This commitment, which fell short of expectations, will be sufficient to pay for grant renewals during 2006+7, and also for the anticipated 2005 shortfall, but will not cover the cost of any new Rounds.