Australian Panel Calls for Significant Increase in Contributions to the Global Fund

9 Aug 2011

Meanwhile, the Netherlands announces its pledge; Germany clarifies its conditions; and Italy is asked to reconfirm its commitment


Is the Global Fund Living Up to Its Principles?

24 Jun 2010

Ten months ago, the Global Fund put on hold about $95million in potential disbursements under four grants to the Zambia Ministry ofHealth, because of fraud within the ministry that was first reported by awhistleblower. Seven current or former ministry employees were charged by theZambian government in relation to the fraudulent appropriation of about$350,000 from one of the grants.


Disbursements to Zambia MoH Suspended Amid Allegations of Fraud; Change of PR Is Imminent

14 Jun 2010

The Global Fund has suspended disbursements to the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Zambia, which is the principal recipient (PR) for several grants. The Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has concluded that there was fraud in connection with one or more of the grants.


More Evidence of Fraud in Global Fund Grants to Mauritania

27 May 2010

In Mauritania, a full criminal investigation, initiated by the Office of the Mauritanian Inspector General, has led to the arrest of three senior officials in the Executive Secretariat of Mauritania's National AIDS Committee (SENLS), and to the issue of an arrest warrant for a fourth staff member. SENLS is the principal recipient (PR) for Mauritania's Round 5 HIV grant, the only active HIV grant in the country.


OIG Reports Evidence of Fraud by a PR in Mali

27 May 2010

In a separate development from that in Mauritania, three senior government officials in Mali have been arrested in connection with alleged fraud with Global Fund grants.


Uganda Government Revives Prosecutions Over Theft of Global Fund Money

26 Jun 2008

The government of Uganda has agreed, after a two-year delay, to start seeking prosecutions of numerous people, including former government ministers, who were involved in stealing Global Fund money. The decision to unblock the stalled prosecutions came as a result of pressure from donor governments.


Global Fund Launches Round 8, With Focus on "Dual-Track" Financing

14 Mar 2008

The Global Fund's "Round 8", launched on March 1, is expected to be the biggest Round thus far. No previous Round has involved two-year commitments by the Fund of more than $1.1 billion. Yet the Fund says that currently, approximately $2 billion is forecast to be available for Round 8, and that this amount may increase as additional pledges from donors are made.


The Advantages of Dual-Track Financing

14 Mar 2008

If developing countries are to make significant progress in the coming decades in the battle against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, they will require not only the enormous financial resources that the Global Fund can provide, but also the active participation of a substantial army of foot-soldiers – engaging the enemy village by village in the countryside, and street by street in the cities.


CCM Governance

24 Oct 2007

When the Global Fund was launched five years ago, it specified that any country that wished to obtain a Global Fund grant first had to establish a CCM (Country Coordinating Mechanism) that would develop the proposal and then oversee the resulting grant.


Donor Governments Pledge Record Amounts to the Fund

30 Sep 2007

Donors are expected to give the Global Fund at least $9.7 billion over the next three years, 57% more than they gave over the past three years.