More reaction to the Global Fund's partnership with Heineken

20 Feb 2018
Member of the Fund's Board says that Norway cannot support this type of partnership

As more reaction to the Global Fund’s partnership with Heineken flowed in, a member of the Global Fund Board has said publicly that he is opposed to the partnership.


Replenishment round-up: U.S. announces pledge of up to $4.3 billion; Kenya raises the bar in Africa; and Sweden restores its 2016 cut

6 Sep 2016
Just over a week left until the replenishment conference

The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment Campaign received an important boost from its largest donor, the United States, with the announcement of a pledge of up to $4.3 billion for the 2017-2019 period. This compares to the $4.1 billion that the U.S. contributed for the last replenishment period.


Activists respond quickly to decision by Sweden to cut its 2016 contribution to The Global Fund

21 Mar 2016
Sweden cites refugee crisis as rationale for the cut

Activists have surprised Sweden with the intensity of their reaction to the Swedish Government’s decision to cut its 2016 contribution to The Global Fund by 35%. Even if activists are not successful at having the cut reinstated, they are hopeful that their strong response will have a positive impact on Sweden’s pledge for 2017-2019.


El enfoque en salud pública tiene sentido para el Fondo Mundial

5 Dec 2013

Cuando el Fondo Mundial de Lucha contra el SIDA , la tuberculosis y la malaria fue creado en 2002, su objetivo era proporcionar apoyo financiero a los países en desarrollo en su lucha contra tres enfermedades transmisibles sin fronteras para las que opciones de tratamiento y de prevención estaban disponibles.


Fund Prepares for First Replenishment Meeting in Stockholm

7 Mar 2005

Next week, in Stockholm, the Fund will hold the first of two meetings of its first "Voluntary Replenishment Mechanism." The second meeting will take place in London in September. Further rounds of the Replenishment Mechanism are expected to be held every two or three years.


Fund Releases New Forecasts of Financial Needs

7 Mar 2005

In a new report "The Resource Needs of the Global Fund 2005-2007", prepared for the Stockholm meeting and available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/about/replenishment, the Fund has calculated its future needs using two independent methods.


Report from Fund Lists Some New Developments

7 Mar 2005

One of the reports prepared for the Replenishment Meeting in Stockholm next week, discussed above, is "The Global Fund at Three Years" (available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/about/replenishment). This contains some interesting items of information, including the following:

Monitoring the Fund


Interview questions for candidates

30 Jan 2003

Two likely candidates for Chair of the Global Fund emerged in the course of yesterday. One is Tommy Thompson, head of the US delegation and US Secretary of Health and Human Services. The other is Lennarth Hjelmåker, head of the Swedish delegation, Director of the Department for Global Development at Sweden's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Director General of SIDA. (As reported in Issue 4, Dr.