More reaction to the Global Fund's partnership with Heineken

20 Feb 2018
Member of the Fund's Board says that Norway cannot support this type of partnership

As more reaction to the Global Fund’s partnership with Heineken flowed in, a member of the Global Fund Board has said publicly that he is opposed to the partnership.


Some Donors Announce Their Pledges to the Global Fund for 2011-2013

24 Sep 2010

France has announced that it will contribute $1.4 billion to the Global Fund during the three-year period 2011-2013, an increase of about 9% over its contribution during the period 2007-2009. France is one of five countries that have indicated this week how much they plan to contribute. Most countries will make their announcements at the Global Fund's replenishment meeting in New York on 4-5 October 2010.


Global Fund Releases Report on Results and Future Challenges

10 Mar 2007

The Global Fund has released a progress report entitled Partners in Impact - Results Report 2007. The report is one of several documents released by the Fund in preparation for the Second Replenishment Meeting that was held earlier this week in Oslo. The documents are available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/about/replenishment/oslo.


Which Countries Should Give How Much to the Global Fund?

1 Mar 2007

Donor countries will meet in Oslo, Norway, next week for the first of two "Replenishment" meetings to discuss how much they might give to the Global Fund for the three years 2008-2010. (The second meeting will take place in September, in Berlin.)