Global Fund Board approves new country and multi-country grants along with interventions on UQD Register

27 May 2019
Largest single award was $13.2 million for a Burkina Faso malaria grant

On 13 May 2019, the Global Fund Board approved, by electronic vote, funding for five country grants having a total value of $25.2 million. Domestic commitments for the programs included in the approved country grants amounted to $937.9 million. The five country grants were for four countries: Gabon, Georgia, Peru and Serbia. The largest award ($9.3 million) was for a Georgia HIV grant. (See Table 1 for details.)


Global Fund’s new HIV and TB multicountry grants in Eastern Europe and Central Asia begin implementation

26 Feb 2019
Applicants express concern over newly competitive application process

The Global Fund Board has recently approved several multicountry grants, whose aim is to address priorities “deemed critical to fulfil the aims of the Global Fund 2017-2022 strategy,” and to address needs that are not being fulfilled by national (single country) allocations.


ЕССВ публикует еще один отчет о влиянии ухода из страны Глобального Фонда на программы снижения вреда

12 Nov 2015
Это отчет о Болгарии; первый отчет был о Сербии

Евразийская сеть снижения вреда опубликовала второй в серии отчет о последствиях сокращения финансовой поддержки Глобального Фонда по компонентам ВИЧ на программы снижения вреда. Второй отчет, о Болгарии, (http://www.harm-reduction.org/sites/default/files/pdf/ru-bulgaria-global-fund-210x2973mm.pdf пришел к аналогичному выводу,как и первый, о Сербии - т.е.


EHRN issues another report on how harm reduction programs are affected when the Global Fund pulls out of a country

3 Nov 2015
This report is on Bulgaria; the first one was about Serbia

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network has issued the second in a series of reports on the impact on harm reduction programs of the Global Fund withdrawing support for HIV components in a country. The second report, on Bulgaria, reached a similar conclusion as the first report, on Serbia – i.e.