Global Fund’s new HIV and TB multicountry grants in Eastern Europe and Central Asia begin implementation

26 Feb 2019
Applicants express concern over newly competitive application process

The Global Fund Board has recently approved several multicountry grants, whose aim is to address priorities “deemed critical to fulfil the aims of the Global Fund 2017-2022 strategy,” and to address needs that are not being fulfilled by national (single country) allocations.


Kyrgyzstan’s program continuation funding request to the Global Fund provides little information on the proposed program

13 Jun 2017
The request does not explain what changes will be made in light of Kyrgyzstan’s significantly reduced allocation

There is little information in the TB/HIV funding request submitted by the Kyrgyzstan country coordinating mechanism (CCM) on the program that the applicant proposes to implement. And there is almost no information on how Kyrgyzstan plans to cope with an allocation that is significantly lower than what it received for 2014-2016.


Transition planning is a road towards programmatic sustainability, says Curatio International Foundation

17 Jan 2017
The lessons and findings of the transition preparedness assessment tool’s roll out

In 2015, the Global Fund commissioned the development of the Transition Preparedness Assessment (TPA) Framework. The tool assesses the readiness of various countries to carry out the transition of their HIV, TB and malaria programs from the Global Fund’s support to domestic funding. “The road to sustainability: transition preparedness assessment framework” has been developed by the Curatio International Foundation (CIF).


СКК Кыргызстана будет вероятно интегрирован в правительственный координационный совет по общественному здравоохранению

24 Mar 2016
Представители гражданского общества и общин выражают озабоченность как по поводу исхода, так и по поводу течения самого процесса

Заинтересованные стороны Глобального Фонда в Кыргызстане обсуждают различные варианты интеграции странового координационного механизма в возглавляемой Премьер-Министром орган национального уровня, известный как правительственный Координационный Совет по Общественному Здравоохранению (КСОЗ). Основанием для этого шага служит то обстоятельство, что функции этих двух ведомств значительно перекрываются.


Kyrgyzstan CCM will likely be integrated into the government’s coordination council for public health

17 Mar 2016
Civil society and community representatives express concerns about both the outcome and the process

Global Fund stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan are discussing different options for integrating the country coordinating mechanism into a national level body leaded by the Prime Minister – known as the Governmental Coordination Council for the Public Health (CCPH). The rationale for this step is that the functions of these two bodies overlap significantly.


Кыргызстан осуществляет планирование переходного периода для программ по ТБ и ВИЧ

10 Mar 2016
Рабочая группа объединила представителей Глобального Фонда, правительства, гражданского общества и общин для работы над вопросами по переходу

Министерство Здравоохранения Кыргызстана сформировала мультидисциплинарную рабочую группу специалистов по планированию, координации и имплементации переходного периодадля программ по ТБ и ВИЧ. Группа уже укомплектована специалистами в сфере управления, закупок, общественного здравоохранения, а также по финансам. Также вовлечены представители организаций гражданского  общества (ОГО) и общин. Другие позиции будут добавлены позже.


Kyrgyzstan is implementing transition planning for TB and HIV

3 Mar 2016
A working group has brought together representatives from The Global Fund, government, civil society and communities to work on the transition

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has formed a multi-disciplinary working group of specialists to plan, coordinate, and implement transition planning for TB and HIV. The group is already staffed by management, procurement, public health, and finance specialists. Representatives of civil society organizations and communities are also included. Other positions will be added.


OIG Releases Reports on Audits in Namibia and Kyrgyzstan, and on a Diagnostic Review in the Caribbean

11 Oct 2012
The OIG noted both programmatic achievements and grant management deficiencies
For Namibia, the OIG said $2.2 million should be repaid

On 2 October 2012, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released three reports, two on audits conducted in Namibia and Kyrgyzstan, and one on a diagnostic review undertaken at the Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM).