Contracts with SR resume as Cambodia’s dispute with The Global Fund ends

9 Feb 2016
Malaria cases on the rise again
New concerns about resistance

A dispute over clauses in contracts with a sub-recipient in two malaria grants in Cambodia regarding how travel costs should be accounted for was resolved in December 2015, according to Dr. Luciano Tuseo, who heads the World Health Organization’s malaria program in Cambodia. Dr Tuseo is quoted in an article in IRIN News.


Attachments to the concept notes are now being posted on the Global Fund’s website

23 Dec 2015
The attachments are posted only after the grants related to the concept notes are approved
Aidspan welcomes the move but calls for further steps

The Global Fund is now publishing on its website three attachments to concept notes – the modular template attachment; the financial gap analysis and counterpart financing attachment; and the programmatic gap attachment.


Fund Reverses Demand that Former Philippines PR Repay $1.77 Million

21 Nov 2012
Tropical Disease Foundation had five grants terminated in 2009
TDF may implement grants in future

The Global Fund has reversed a demand that it imposed three years ago that the Tropical Disease Foundation (TDF), a principal recipient (PR) in the Philippines, repay the Fund $1.77 million of grant money.


Secretariat Aims to Fix “Stuck” Grants

15 Sep 2012
These grants make up 10% of the portfolio

The Secretariat is making a special effort to fix what it calls “stuck grants.” These are grants to which no money has flowed within the first three months after signature of the grant agreement or, for more mature grants, to which no money has flowed within the last six months. This information is contained in the report prepared for the Board meeting in Geneva by General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo.


Deadline for Round 11 Applications Extended to At Least 1 March 2012

28 Sep 2011

Current estimates of funds available for Round 11 significantly lower than forecasted in May 2011

Funds might not be available until 4th quarter of 2013


Funding Reinstated for Suspended Philippines Grants

6 Apr 2010

The Global Fund has resumed funding for four of the five suspended grants to the Philippines, with different principal recipients (PRs) at the helm - and was expected shortly to sign an agreement with a new PR for the fifth grant. The five grants were suspended in September 2009, following evidence of unauthorised expenditures by the PR, Tropical Disease Foundation (TDF).


OIG Report Lists Numerous Problems in Grant Implementation

11 Feb 2010

In every country audited by the Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) since 2006, there were numerous instances of principal recipients (PRs) not complying with clauses in their grant agreements. The Global Fund does not have mechanisms in place to monitor and enforce compliance with these clauses.


Phase 2 Grant Renewal: A System That Backfired

17 Apr 2005

Last year, the Global Fund established a procedure, known as "Phase 2 renewal," for determining which grants should receive three more years of funding after reaching the end of the two years covered in the original grant agreement. The Global Fund Secretariat suggested that these renewal decisions should be made by the Secretariat alone, given that each grant had originally been approved in principle for up to five years.


The Global Fund's "Slow-Moving" and "Well-Performing" Grants

18 Oct 2004

In an analysis by GFO of all 212 Global Fund grants for which a grant agreement has been signed, 25 grants were identified as "slow-moving" and 22 were identified as "well-performing".


Detailed data regarding Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 grants

9 Jul 2004

Comprehensive data and source material regarding all Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 grants will be available at www.aidspan.org/globalfund/grants by Sunday July 11.