Global Fund Board approves $100m for special initiatives and $200m for regional programs

10 Mar 2014
The funds approved will be supplementary to the resources allocated to countries under the new funding model


The Global Fund Board on 6 March approved some $300 million in funding to be set aside for special initiatives and regional programs for 2014-2016, in excess of the $10.22 billion that will be allocated to countries during the same period.


Global Fund Board awards $53.3 million to three more interim applicants

6 Jan 2014
Egypt, Suriname and Tanzania join ranks of interim funding recipients

The Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced its approval of funding of up to $53.3 million for three interim applicants in the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM) on 23 December.

In approving the funding, the Board was acting on recommendations from the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Secretariat, including the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC).


Revised Eligibility Policy Retains the Main Elements of the Old Policy

9 Nov 2013
Countries that become newly ineligible will benefit from transition provision
NGO rule is retained

The Global Fund has adopted a revised Eligibility and Counterpart Financing Policy to replace the old Eligibility, Counterpart Financing and Prioritization Policy. Aside from the fact that the prioritisation section of the policy was dropped – it is no longer relevant in the context of the new funding model (NFM) – the revisions were not particularly extensive.


Global Fund Approves 10 Re-Submitted Proposals from the Transitional Funding Mechanism

5 Jul 2013
Upper two-year ceiling is $82.2 million

Earlier this year, the Global Fund approved 10 re-submitted proposals under the Transitional Funding Mechanism (TFM) with a total value of $82.2 million. The original proposals from these applicants had been rated Category 4 by the Technical Review Panel (TRP), which meant that the proposals were not recommended for funding but that applicants were encouraged to re-submit.


First Concept Notes Are Approved

15 Jun 2013
Board awards funding to Myanmar, El Salvador and Zimbabwe

The Global Fund Board has approved funding for five concept notes submitted by three early applicants in the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM). The three countries involved are Myanmar, El Salvador and Zimbabwe. Total approved funding was up to $449.8 million. The Board approved the funding by electronic vote. The decision was made public on 15 June. These constitute the first funding approvals for early applicants.


TRP and GAC Comment on the Funding Awarded to Myanmar

15 Jun 2013
Renewal funding of $168.4 million added to what Myanmar will receive as an early NFM applicant

When the Global Fund Board approved early applicant funding for Myanmar for all three diseases (see first article in this newsletter), it also approved funding for the renewal of existing grants for these diseases. The total funding approved for Myanmar is shown in the following table:


Early Applicant Funding for Zimbabwe to Be Combined with Funding from a Round 8 HIV Grant

15 Jun 2013
$31 million in unfunded quality demand identified

The $278.9 million in early applicant funding approved for HIV in Zimbabwe will be combined with existing funding from a Round 8 HIV grant. The principal recipient (PR) for this grant is the United Nations Development Programme.

The Global Fund provided a narrative to explain the comments of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) on the new funding. This article provides a summary of the comments.


The NFM Allocation Methodology Explained

14 Jun 2013

There is a fair consensus among stakeholders that, in theory at least, the iterative process for funding applications under the new funding model (NFM) – which involves the development of concept notes and a process of country dialogue – is a significant improvement over the rounds-based applications process. The iterative process is being pilot tested now among early applicants.


How the Country Dialogue and Concept Note Process Unfolded in Three Early Applicant Countries

17 May 2013
Some similarities in the process in Zimbabwe, Myanmar and El Salvador

The country dialogues and the process of developing concept notes in three early applicant countries shared some common characteristics, but also differed in many respects.


Five Concept Notes from Early Applicants Have Been Endorsed, and Have Moved to the Grant-Making Stage

16 May 2013

Five concept notes submitted by early applicants have been endorsed by the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC). Three of the concept notes are from the country coordinating mechanism (CCM) in Myanmar (one for each disease). The others are from CCMs in El Salvador (HIV) and Zimbabwe (HIV). This information was contained in the 15 May issue of the Global Fund’s News Flash.