Global Fund releases new results report

19 Sep 2017
The Fund is hoping to raise an additional $500 million before the next replenishment conference

Study finds a major gap between policy and practice in efforts by the Global Fund to address gender inequality

27 Jun 2017
“Too few grant agreements contain gender-sensitive or gender-transformative activities”

“The Global Fund’s gender strategy is strong in its commitment to addressing gender inequalities that fuel the HIV epidemic (with a focus on women and girls), yet evaluation of its implementation and monitoring indicators suggests a major gap between policy intent and practice with too few grant agreements found to specify, fund or monitor gender-sensitive or transformative activities.”


Communities and civil society delegations issue joint statement on the replenishment outcomes

4 Oct 2016
Many organizations applaud the results but add that more needs to be done

In a joint statement, the communities and civil society delegations to the Global Fund Board commended the pledges from donor governments, implementing countries, the private sector, and civil society partners for the Fund’s Fifth Replenishment.


Some progress in DRC in addressing needs of women and girls

20 Sep 2016
Strengthening the community component of programs is the goal

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is making some progress in addressing the problems women and girls face in accessing HIV service.


Global Fund estimates that 20 million lives have been saved through programs the Fund supports

6 Sep 2016
Fund says the number should reach 22 million by end 2016

The Global Fund estimates that the number of lives saved by programs to which the Fund contributes now stands at 20 million, and will reach 22 million by the end of 2016.


Global Fund rolls out Strategic Actions for Gender Equality Initiative

5 Sep 2016
Increased investments and enhanced capacity to address gender inequality

As part of its new strategy for 2017-2022, the Global Fund has placed increased emphasis on rights and gender. One of the four strategic objectives focuses directly on promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality, aiming to scale up programs to support women and girls (including programs to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights) and invest to reduce health inequities (including gender and age-related disparities).


Freshly minted Global Fund Strategy hits critical priorities of Africa constituencies

21 Jun 2016

The Global Fund Board passed its new Strategy for the period 2017-2022 – unanimously and to the sound of applause – during its 35th Board Meeting in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The Africa constituencies of West and Central Africa, and East and Southern Africa, were pleased to see the long process of developing the new Global Fund Strategy reach a successful conclusion.


Strategic focus on rights and gender in new Strategy seen as vital for scaling up coverage of key and vulnerable populations

20 May 2016

A focus on human rights and gender equality is front and centre in The Global Fund’s new strategy for 2017-2022.


Ending the epidemics is a greater challenge than achieving progress: Dybul

17 Nov 2015
Executive Director challenges the Global Fund to do better

Executive Director Mark Dybul provided the Board with a report that celebrated the Global Fund’s achievements but also challenged the Fund to do better on a number of fronts.


Global Fund is stepping up efforts to address needs of women and girls

17 Nov 2015
Rate of infection among adolescent girls and young women remains “shockingly high” – Dybul

While the Global Fund has had considerable success in providing services to women and children and in reducing infections in those groups, the rate of infection among adolescent girls and young women remains shockingly high. The Global Fund is committed to turning this around. This was one of the central messages in the Report of the Executive Director which Mark Dybul presented to the Board at its meeting on 16-17 November.