How Much Funding Will Be Available for Round 11?

9 Aug 2011

Global Fund Will Issue Statement on Funding About the Time Round 11 Is Launched


Global Fund Strengthens the Involvement of LFAs in Fraud Detection and Prevention

25 Jul 2011

Procedures are tightened

LFA required to do regular spot checks of SRs


New "Country Team Approach" Adopted for Managing Grants

24 Sep 2010

The Global Fund is making some changes to the way the Secretariat manages grants. A new "country team approach" is being adopted, initially in 13 countries, but it will encompass a further 29 countries by the second quarter of 2011.


Round 10 Applicants Reminded of the Need to Fully Document Eligibility

27 May 2010

Failure to comply with any of the eligibility requirements may lead to a Round 10 proposal being categorised as ineligible by the Global Fund Secretariat. Ineligible proposals will not be forwarded to the Technical Review Panel (TRP) for review.


Global Fund Seeks Experts to Serve on the TRP

18 May 2010

The Global Fund is seeking applications from experts willing to join the Technical Review Panel (TRP) Support Pool. It is from the support pool, which usually consists of about 80 persons, that the Global Fund periodically selects people to fill vacancies on the TRP.


Report Suggests New Executive Director Focus on Seven Key Tasks

26 Oct 2006

An independent working group convened by the US-based Center for Global Development has published a 43-page report recommending seven tasks that the new Executive Director of the Global Fund should focus on.

The board of the Global Fund will choose the new Executive Director on Tuesday, October 31, from a short-list of five people chosen by a board committee from among 334 candidates.


Donors Meet to Review Global Fund Progress

5 Jul 2006

Representatives of over twenty donor governments met in Durban yesterday and today for a Mid-Term Review of the first "Replenishment" period of the Global Fund, covering 2006-7. The primary purpose of the meeting was for donors to receive presentations from the Secretariat regarding the Fund's progress thus far.


Data Released Regarding Round 5 Proposals

29 Jun 2005

Round 5 could be the most expensive round of Global Fund grants ever, according to data released by the Global Fund. Preliminary estimates by the Secretariat suggest that the cost of the first two years of grants under Round 5 might be $1.25 billion, compared with the previous estimate of $1.0 billion.


The First Fifty "Phase 2 Renewals"

23 May 2005

The Global Fund has made its fiftieth decision regarding whether to approve a grant for extension beyond the first two years, known as "Phase 2 Renewal."


Excerpts from Grant Scorecards

23 May 2005

As reported above, the Global Fund Secretariat provides confidential Grant Scorecards to board members during consideration of "Phase 2 renewal" of grants that are approaching the end of their second year.