Request for Phase 2 Funding for Two Malaria Grants in Republic of Congo Is Declined

16 Jun 2013

The Global Fund Board will not approve funding for Phase 2 of two Round 8 malaria grants to the Republic of Congo.


NGO and Communities Delegations Review Recent NFM Developments

14 Jun 2013
Global Fund Secretariat acknowledges that the allocation model needs to be better explained
Concerns raised about the lack of quality data on key affected populations

The two NGO delegations and the Communities delegation on the Global Fund Board met in Paris on 19–20 May to review recent developments in the implementation of the new funding model (NFM) and to develop a plan to improve communications and advocacy on this issue. Representatives from early and interim applicant countries were also present.


Secretariat Responds to Concerns About the Indirect Cost Recovery Policy for International NGO PRs

17 Apr 2013

Since the Global Fund’s Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) policy was adopted on 18 April 2011, a number of concerns have been raised about the interpretation and application of the policy. This article describes the concerns and provides responses from the Global Fund Secretariat.


Results Report Highlights Achievements of Programmes Supported by the Global Fund

27 Sep 2012

The Global Fund has released its results report for 2012, entitled “Strategic Investments for Impact.” The 94-page report provides comprehensive information on the achievements of programmes supported by the Global Fund through June 2012, and discusses some of the strategic issues the Fund is currently addressing.


The Global Fund Needs to Manage the Relationship Among the Secretariat, the PR and the CCM

10 Sep 2012

In theory, country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) are a great idea. CCMs provide a forum for relevant stakeholders in a country to discuss the gaps in the national response to AIDS, TB and malaria, develop proposals for the Global Fund to address these gaps, nominate  principal recipients (PRs) to implement the programmes should the proposals be approved, and oversee implementation.


Lessons Learned from the Review of TFM Proposals

27 Aug 2012
Some essential services being overlooked
TRP concerned about sustainability of programmes being implemented by community organisations

In the report to the Board on TFM proposals, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) devoted a large section to lessons learned from its review of the proposals. This article provides a summary of the lessons learned that apply to all proposals. (In a separate article, we describe the observations of the TRP that relate to the proposals for each of the three diseases.)


Disease-Specific Observations from the TRP’s Review of TFM Proposals

27 Aug 2012
Sharp reduction in MARPs activities
Proposals lacked details on prevention activities

In the report to the Board on Transitional Funding Mechanism (TFM) proposals, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) made observations specific to each of the disease components. This article provides a summary of these observations. (In a separate article, we describe the lessons learned identified by the TRP with respect to all proposals.)


Secretariat, OIG Agree on New Protocol

10 Jan 2012

Protocol describes how the two entities will collaborate on audits, diagnostic reviews and investigations


Process and timelines for audits spelled out


OIG Issues Progress Report and 2012 Work Plan

16 Dec 2011

Conduct of an FPM investigated


Ten country audits, eight diagnostic reviews planned for 2012


Concerns about Reporting Relationships of CCMs, PRs and LFAs Raised at Regional CCM Meeting

23 Aug 2011

Having both the principal recipients (PRs) and local fund agents (LFAs) report directly to the Global Fund Secretariat and, in the process, bypassing country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) has usurped the CCM's oversight role.