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Issue 353: 03 April 2019

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1. NEWS: Global Fund Board approves a small 18th batch of grants from 2017-2019 allocations

By: David Garmaise

In March, the Global Fund Board approved two country grants and awarded supplementary funding to a third. Egypt, a non-CCM applicant, received a new TB/HIV grant. The Board also approved a multi-country grant for the Caribbean region, and five sets of interventions from the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand. 


2. NEWS: Third OIG audit of Global Fund grants to Ghana highlights ongoing issues in supply chain and data management

By: Adèle Sulcas

In a follow-up audit of Global Fund grants to Ghana, the Office of the Inspector General found that oversight and coordination, supply chain, data and financial management all need significant improvement, as do systems, processes and controls on quality of services for the three diseases. The OIG commended the country’s progress against malaria, on community-level services, and in the development of its National Health Insurance Scheme.


3. NEWS: OIG report says Global Fund Secretariat human resources management processes ‘need significant improvement’

By: Charlie Baran

In its audit of the human resources processes and practices of the Global Fund Secretariat, the OIG found that “underperformance is not managed effectively,” but that some other aspects of HR are “partially effective,” such as the 2017-2022 People Strategy and the Fund’s recent attention to its sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse policies. Five Agreed Management Actions on HR were included in the audit report.


4. NEWS: The debate over shifting procurement responsibility for Global Fund countries ramping up domestic financing

By: Andrew Green

The shift to co-financing for many countries implementing Global Fund grants has civil society groups worried that as countries take over procurement of drugs and commodities, they may increase the risk of stockouts or the procurement of low-quality items. While acknowledging the difficulty of transition, Global Fund officials dispute this characterization, saying that protections are in place to help prevent this from happening.


5. NEWS: Global Fund’s Strategic Review 2017 identifies gaps in several program areas, including differentiated approaches, absorptive capacity and transitions

By: David Garmaise

In its Strategic Review 2017, the Technical Evaluation Reference Group found that all of the recommendations from a previous strategic review have been fully or at least partially implemented; and that the Global Fund is well-positioned to implement its Strategy 2017–2022. This article provides a summary of gaps that the review identified in three specific program areas: differentiated approaches, country ownership and strengthening RSSH. Although the review was essentially completed by the end of 2017, the final report was not issued until February 2019.


6. OF INTEREST: Other news of interest to the Global Fund partnership

By: Aidspan Staff

Introductions and links to items of possible interest to those who are part of, or linked to, the Global Fund, its partners and communities. 


7. ANNOUNCEMENT: Global Fund launches Replenishment Partner Update

By: Aidspan Staff

The Global Fund launched its Replenishment Partner Update on 2 April 2019, a monthly digest of new communications resources to support the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment. 


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