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Issue 344: 17 October 2018

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1. NEWS: Global Fund releases report on the 2017 OIG advisory review on governance

By: David Garmaise

A report on an advisory review on governance completed by the Office of the Inspector General in 2017 has now been released. Publication of the report was delayed while the Board completed a Governance Action Plan responding to the findings of the advisory review. The action plan was published in May 2018. This article reports on the OIG’s findings, with a particular focus on governance oversight.


2. NEWS: The Global Fund’s Country Coordinating Mechanism evolution project prepares consultants at Casablanca workshop

By: Ida Hakizinka

As part of the launch of the CCM evolution project, the Global Fund CCM hub organized a workshop in Morocco where consultants who will support countries in the CCM evolution project were oriented on the project’s objectives, approaches as well as roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders. 


3. NEWS: OIG reports material improvements in Global Fund procurement processes but challenges remain

By: Ann Ithibu

The Office of the Inspector General has published a follow up audit of the Global Fund’s procurement processes. The audit report shows material improvements in these processes, but also shows that the Global Fund is yet to sufficiently address several issues flagged in the 2015 audit, and other subsequent audits. The Global Fund has commented, citing internal leadership issues as part of the reason for the delays.


4. INTERVIEW: Q&A with Scott Filler, the Global Fund’s senior disease coordinator for malaria

By: Friends of the Global Fight

This is the first in a series of short interviews by Friends of the Global Fight with the Global Fund’s Senior Disease Coordinators. In this Q&A, Friends spoke with Dr. Scott Filler, the Senior Disease Coordinator specializing in malaria, about the opportunities to fight malaria covered in Friends’ report, “At the Tipping Point: U.S. Leadership to End AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria”.


5. ANALYSIS: Global Fund grants underfund HIV prevention among adolescents, the key driver of the epidemic in Eastern and Southern Africa

By: Samuel Muniu and Djesika Amendah

Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa have the highest prevalence rates of HIV globally, and dedicated on average 4.6% of their Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants for prevention among adolescents and youth for the 2018-2021 implementation period. This proportion is small considering the disproportionate toll HIV takes among adolescents and youth; while they represent 20.2% of the total population in the two regions, they contributed 36.3% to new HIV infections in 2017. 


6. FEATURE: GIZ BACKUP Health proposes a new approach to technical assistance for Global Fund implementers, in Dakar

By: Thierry Ramos

 “Strategic technical assistance for grant excellence (STAGE)” is the title of the new technical assistance approach recently presented by GIZ Program BACKUP Health during a workshop in Senegal. Through this new support methodology, Global Fund grant implementers will now have the opportunity to address issues faced within their grants in a sustainable way as well as structural and systemic issues. 


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