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Issue 343: 03 October 2018

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1. NEWS: Global Fund will 'donate' $5 million to Venezuela to provide treatment for HIV

By: David Garmaise

The Global Fund Board, responding to a proposal developed by the Secretariat in consultation with partners and civil society, has approved an exceptional $5.0 million donation to Venezuela as a “short-term humanitarian response” to the economic and health crisis in that country. The bulk of the funds will go to the purchase of ARVs. The rest will support civil society organizations to provide oversight and monitoring of the delivery of ARVs to patients. The funding is exceptional, as it is the first time Venezuela is receiving Global Fund support, and because the support is a ‘donation’ rather than a grant.


2. NEWS: U.N. General Assembly’s high-level meeting on TB called on leaders to reaffirm commitment to end tuberculosis by 2030

By: Tinatin Zardiashvili

The United Nations General Assembly held its first High-level Meeting on Tuberculosis, to reaffirm Member States’ commitments to accelerating collaborative efforts to end the disease. Member States endorsed the ‘Political Declaration on TB’ calling for accelerated and concerted efforts against the disease.  


3. NEWS: First OIG audit of Niger’s Global Fund grants applauds progress and calls for improvements

By: Adèle Sulcas

Niger has made significant progress against HIV, TB and malaria in a ‘challenging operating environment’, but the Office of the Inspector General, in its first-ever routine audit of Niger’s Global Fund grants, found problems in the supply chain, in the use of data, and in the coverage, quality and coordination of supervision. 


4. NEWS: OIG audit of Global Fund grants to Myanmar reveals gaps in service delivery and supply chain management despite good results in other areas

By: David Garmaise

A new audit of grants to Myanmar by the Office of the Inspector General shows that the country is making good progress in its fight against the three diseases, thanks in part to increased financial commitments from the government and initiatives to extend health care coverage. However, there are increasing concerns about how Myanmar can best plan for sustainability, optimize resources and bridge gaps in service quality.


5. ANALYSIS: Countries need better data for accurate forecasting of funding gaps in Global Fund grants

By: Djesika Amendah

In funding requests submitted to the Global Fund, countries provide estimates of future needs and gaps in funding, though many countries lack reliable and accurate data to project the future resources they will need. This situation begs the question of how future resource needs and gaps are calculated, and calls into question the reliability of such estimates. 


6. FEATURE: Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism aspires to become best-practice model for Global Fund's CCM evolution initiative

By: Arlette Campbell White

Tanzania, recently selected by the Global Fund Secretariat as one of the 18 countries to pilot the Secretariat’s 18-month CCM Evolution Initiative, has already forged ahead with its own plan to evolve its CCM, the Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism (TNCM).  The first TNCM retreat held in August this year has set the tone for transforming the TNCM into an effective management agency, by developing a transformation plan that will be integrated with that of the pilot CCM Evolution Initiative workplan.


7. OF INTEREST: Gates Foundation’s ‘Goalkeepers Report’ tracks progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

By: Adèle Sulcas

In 2017, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation published its first Goalkeepers Data Report, tracking progress on 18 Sustainable Development Goals indicators (for the 17 goals) and analyzing promising approaches to achieving those goals. This year’s report is the second; the Foundation will publish one every year until the SDGs’ target date of 2030.


8. EDITOR'S NOTE: OIG explains why Sri Lanka appears twice in country list for audit report on Global Fund Transition Management processes

By: Aidspan staff

In GFO 342, an article on the OIG’s audit of Global Fund Transition Processes reported on the OIG’s inclusion of ten countries in the sample of countries reviewed for the audit. Here we clarify why one country, Sri Lanka, appears twice in that list. 


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