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Issue 329: 24 January 2018

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1. NEWS: TRP focuses on gaps in services for key populations in its review of Ethiopia's TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund

By: David Garmaise

When the Technical Review Panel assessed Ethiopia’s recent TB/HIV funding request, it raised concerns about the sustainability of national programs and about gaps in services for key populations. This article summarizes the TRP’s concerns as well as the clarifications provided by Ethiopia’s country coordinating mechanism.


2. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Making progress slowly or not at all? TRP and CCM go back and forth on services for MSM and transgendered persons in Global Fund grants to Ethiopia

By: David Garmaise

Despite the fact that the Technical Review Panel noted the lack of interventions targeting men who have sex with men, and transgendered persons, when it reviewed Ethiopia’s HIV concept note from the 2014–2016 allocations, the TB/HIV funding request for 2017-2019 made no mention of these populations. The TRP and the Ethiopian country coordinating mechanism went back and forth on this issue during the review of the funding request and during grant-making. The TRP suggested that Ethiopia set up male health clinics where MSM could remain anonymous. 


3. NEWS: Supreme Audit Institutions in some countries in Africa may not be involved in Global Funds grants: Aidspan report

By: Aidspan staff

Implementers of Global Fund grants may not benefit from the services provided by Supreme Audit Institutions in some African countries, according to a study carried out by Aidspan. The research is based on case studies in three countries: Cameroon, Malawi and Rwanda.


4. NEWS: LAC region remains overly dependent on funding from the Global Fund and other external donors, says new report

By: Kataisee Richardson

The Global Fund finances HIV grants in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. All but one of the grants focus on key populations. A report by the Pan American Health Organization and UNAIDS says that the region is too dependent on external financing. It also says that there is a need for detailed plans to transition away from this dependency.


5. NEWS: TRP praises Kenya's TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund for its sensitivity to key populations and human rights

By: Charlie Baran

In their review of the Kenya TB/HIV funding request, the Technical Review Panel and the Grant Approvals Committee applauded the attention paid to key populations and human rights. They also identified several weaknesses and concerns. Four grants emanating from the request were approved by the Board in December 2017. 


6. NEWS: Global Fund Board approves fifth batch of country grants from 2017-2019 allocations, in the amount of $1.22 billion

By: David Garmaise

The Global Fund Board has approved another $1.22 billion in funding for country grants, bringing the cumulative amount awarded to date to $8.86 billion. A fifth batch was approved on 12 January, consisting of 33 grants emanating from 22 funding requests from 16 countries. Interventions worth $383.3 million were added to the Unfunded Quality Demand Register. Also approved as part of Batch 5 was a multi-country grant for Southern Africa.


7. NEWS: OIG commends progress made by Global Fund grants to Bangladesh, but says several challenges remain

By: David Garmaise

An audit of Global Fund grants to Bangladesh rated them as “partially effective,” the second highest rating in the OIG’s four-tier rating scheme. The Office of the Inspector General said that Bangladesh has made significant progress in the fight against the three diseases, but that problems remain. The audit identified significant program and financial management weaknesses in the national TB program. 


8. ERRATUM: Two corrections to our article on LFA tenders

By: David Garmaise

We correct two errors in an article on LFA tenders published in GFO 328 on 10 January.


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