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Issue 326: 29 November 2017

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1. NEWS: Global Fund Board approves a second batch of grants for 2017-2019

In its second batch of approvals from the 2017-2019 allocations, the Global Fund Board has authorized funding of $1.25 billion for 32 grants to 15 countries. Included in this total were five matching funds requests valued at $22.9 million.


2. NEWS: DRC may not meet its Global Fund co-financing requirements, GAC says

The Grant Approvals Committee says there is a risk that the Democratic Republic of Congo will not be able to meet its 2017-2019 co-financing requirements. Nevertheless, the GAC recommended approval of three HIV and three malaria grants to the DRC. To mitigate the risk, the Secretariat will step up its monitoring of the DRC’s progress towards meeting its co-financing commitment. The GAC also expressed concern about a gap in the DRC’s funding for mass distribution of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets.


3. NEWS: Six Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination begin work as part of the Global Fund’s CRG Strategic Initiative

The “mandate” of the Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination has been renewed under the Communication, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative, the successor program to the Special Initiative that was in place from 2014 to 2016. Five of the six regional platforms will be hosted by the same organizations as previously. The platforms will support communities to access technical assistance and to engage in all aspects of grant processes.


4. NEWS: TRP report on Windows 1 and 2 stresses importance of reaching key populations in funding requests to the Global Fund

The Technical Review Panel’s report on 2017-2019 funding requests submitted in Windows 1 and 2 includes observations on a number of topics. This article focuses on what the TRP said concerning the importance of reaching key and other high-prevalence populations. It also provides a “table of contents” for Part Two of the report (technical observations).


5. NEWS: Extracts from report of the Global Fund’s TRP on Windows 1 and 2 funding requests

This article contains several brief extracts from Part Two of the report of the Technical Review Panel on the funding requests it reviewed in Windows 1 and 2 of the 2017-2019 allocation period.


6. NEWS: Work continues on many fronts to implement the Global Fund’s Strategy on building resilient and sustainable systems for health

Although there have been some delays, steady progress has been made in implementing activities related to the second objective of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 (building resilient and sustainable systems for health). Some challenges have been encountered, especially in operationalizing strategic initiatives. 


7. NEWS: Steady progress on human rights and gender activities in the Global Fund’s Strategy, but there have been delays

Work to implement the third objective of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 – Promote and protect human rights and gender equality – is progressing well, although there have been what the Fund calls “minor issues and delays.” These issues can be attributed in part to a lack of resources and insufficient internal capacity on human rights issues.


8. NEWS: Sands will bring a stronger focus on economic aspects of the diseases, editor of The Lancet says

In a commentary in The Lancet, editor Richard Horton says that Peter Sands “looks likely to re-engineer the Global Fund to take more seriously the economic aspects of infectious disease threats.” 


9. NEWS: OIG reports good progress in implementing Global Fund grants to Ethiopia, but several problems remain

An audit conducted by the Office of the Inspector General reveals solid progress in implementing HIV, TB, malaria and HSS grants to Ethiopia – but also inefficiencies in grant management, absorption, quality of services, and procurement and the supply chain. The audit covered the period from July 2015 to March 2017.


10. NEWS: Audit of Global Fund grants to Mali reveals significant progress in financial management and quality of services

Despite functioning in a challenging operating environment, Global Fund grants have helped Mali achieve significant progress against the three diseases, according to an audit conducted by the Office of the Inspector General. However, there are problems with drug expiries and stockouts, delays in the supply chain, and delays in, or non-provision of, testing and treatment.


11. NEWS: Consultation held on TOR for Global Fund multi-country HIV grants in the EECA

On 13-14 November, a consultation took place in Minsk, Belarus on the terms of reference for next round of multi-country HIV projects for Eastern Europe and Central Asia financed by the Global Fund. As part of catalytic funding for 2017-2019, $13 million has been set aside to promote the sustainability of HIV services for key populations in the EECA region. The Secretariat is expected to issue a request for proposals in mid-December. 


12. NEWS: Paper presents options for future selection process for Global Fund Board chair and vice-chair

Board members have expressed some dissatisfaction with the current process for selecting the Board chair and vice-chair. A paper describing options was prepared for the Board meeting in Geneva on 14-15 November. The Board is expected to decide at its next meeting in May 2018 whether changes are required.


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