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Issue 307: 15 March 2017

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1. ANALYSIS: What went wrong with the selection process for a new executive director?

Just about everybody who has commented on the Global Fund’s selection process for a new executive director agrees that the process was too rushed. What else are they saying? This article reflects our own observations, those of stakeholders that either spoke publicly or submitted comments to the Board, and those of journalists and other commentators.


2. NEWS: Marijke Winjroks appointed Interim E.D.

Marijke Winjroks will become the Global Fund’s Interim Executive Director on 1 June 2017, when the term of the current E.D., Mark Dybul, expires. 


3. NEWS: Global Fund-supported programs suspended amid Tanzanian government crackdown on LGBT community

Two Global Fund–supported programs have been suspended in Tanzania after the government moved to revise guidelines for HIV services for key and vulnerable populations. The revision of the guidelines is seen as part of a broader crackdown on the country’s LGBT community.


4. NEWS: Process launched for selection of new Board chair and vice-chair

The Global Fund Board has formally embarked on the process to select a new chair and vice-chair. The results will be announced at the Board meeting on 3-4 May 2017.


5. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Negotiations to assist Venezuelan NGOs to address humanitarian crisis slow down

More than a month after the exchange of letters between the Global Fund and the Venezuelan Network of Positive People concerning what Venezuelan civil society describe as “a humanitarian crisis,” no public announcements have been made by the parties involved. A spokesperson for the Global Fund Secretariat told Aidspan that the Fund is waiting for UNAIDS and PAHO to take the lead.


6. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Proposed cuts to U.S. foreign aid has the development community very worried

President Trump proposes to add $54 million to the military budget, and to offset the increase with cuts to foreign assistance and the State Department. Will the Global Fund take a hit?


7. NEWS: Shadow reports on CCM performance flag issues of oversight and conflict of interest

Preliminary results from a civil society shadow reporting initiative on the performance of country coordinating mechanisms in nine African countries reveal issues of oversight and conflict of interest. They also show inconsistencies between civil society and Global Fund assessments. The initiative aims to build research capacity among local watchdogs and hold CCMs accountable for improved performance. 


8. NEWS: Update on AMAs from 2016 audit on grants to Nigeria

Six of the seven agreed management actions from the 2016 audit of grants to Nigeria have been fully implemented. This article provides details. 


9. NEWS: Regional program in EECA to pilot city service model

A regional program in Eastern Europe and Central Asia will pilot an innovative city services model, with a special focus on key affected populations.


10. NEWS: OIG audit of Mozambique grants reveals weaknesses in implementation and supply chain management

Implementation arrangements and supply chain controls and assurance mechanisms in Global Fund grants to Mozambique need significant improvement, according to an audit recently completed by the Office of the Inspector General.


11. NEWS: OIG investigation reveals small-scale fraud and nepotism involving a sub-recipient of a malaria grant to Cambodia

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General into a malaria grant in Cambodia has found small-scale fraud, instances of nepotism, systemic double-billing of donors, conflicts of interests, and inefficient controls to safeguard grant funds. Allegations made through the OIG’s reporting hotline contributed to the decision to launch the investigation.


12. ANNOUNCEMENT: New publications from Friends of the Global Fight

Friends of the Global Fight has released two new one-pagers designed to promote robust U.S. support of global health.


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