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Issue 306: 01 March 2017

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1. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Board to “restart the process” of searching for a new executive director

Saying that it was concerned about the process, and not the quality or suitability of the candidates, the Global Fund Board has decided to prolong the search for a new executive director.


2. NEWS and ANALYSIS: MENA workshop promotes engagement of key populations

Representatives of men who have sex with men, and other key populations, from the MENA region have participated in a workshop where they developed work plans for enhanced engagement with country coordinating mechanisms and Global Fund processes ahead of the first funding requests for 2017-2019. The meeting was a success, but challenges persist related to conflicts, marginalization and the imminent withdrawal of the Global Fund from countries in the region.


3. NEWS: A private donation of $6 million for a gender-based violence intervention in South Africa

A private donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is investing $6 million in a gender-based violence intervention in South Africa. The intervention had been on the unfunded quality demand register.


4. NEWS and ANALYSIS: New modular framework raises the profile of some key populations

The Global Fund’s new modular framework contains several important changes for the 2017-2019 funding cycle. Transgender populations and prisoners are given stand-alone modules as key populations for HIV prevention. However, key and vulnerable populations for TB and malaria are not given commensurate priority, and some people allege that gender remains side-lined. 


5. NEWS: Global Fund releases new resources related to the applications process

An Applicant Handbook and a Funding Request Status Tracker have been released by the Global Fund. This article provides information on both resources. It also reports on some items of interest contained in the Applicant Handbook.


6. NEWS: Global Fund releases case studies on community engagement

A report released by the Global Fund, entitled How We Engage: Stories of Effective Community Engagement on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, contains eight case studies. This article provides information on five of the case studies – i.e. the studies that were country-specific. 


7. ANNOUNCEMENT: Developing Country NGO Delegation issues “call for membership”

The Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Board is seeking new members.


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