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Issue 297: 05 October 2016

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1. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Fluctuating currencies and the implications for HIV and AIDS financing

Over the past few months there have been some severe fluctuations in the values of currencies with implications for AIDS financing. This needs to be seen against a backdrop where domestic resources for HIV have to grow. This is both because most affected countries have significantly improved their economic standing and continue to show slow but consistent growth and because of donors wanting to reduce or refocus funding.


2. NEWS: Full list of pledges for 2017-2019 now available

The Global Fund has published the full list of pledges for the Fifth Replenishment. It includes a pledge of US$18 million from China, which was announced a couple of days after the end of the Replenishment Conference.


3. NEWS: The UK may withhold part of its £1.1 billion pledge to the Global Fund if performance targets not met

The UK government will use its latest investment in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to secure a set of performance targets regarding the foreign aid it has given to the Global Fund. The UK will monitor the investment’s performance and 10 per cent of the new UK investment will subsequently be paid out dependent on whether performance is satisfactory. The UK’s International Development Secretary Priti Patel made the announcement of the agreement at the Global Fund’s 5th Replenishment event in Montreal. 


4. NEWS: FAQ document provides more information on applications process for 2017-2019

A nine-page frequently asked questions document released by the Global Fund provides more information on the applications process, including a description of the three types of funding requests.


5. NEWS: Advocacy for increased domestic funding a success in Ukraine

This article provides information about an increase in the draft budget for 2017, presented by the government of Ukraine. The budget for HIV and TB treatment has increased by approximately 140%. The commitment by the government of Ukraine is considered as a validation of the success of the joint efforts of the Global Fund and CSOs advocating for increased domestic funding. The next stage is approval of the budget. 


6. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Is South Africa transitioning?

South Africa is not a country that typically enters the conversation on Global Fund transitions, but a recent discussion paper says changes are happening. As the country gears up to write its new National Strategic Plan, sustainability is on the agenda for the world’s largest and fastest growing HIV epidemic. 


7. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Demands of Global Fund reporting leave some PRs scrambling

Some Global Fund principal recipients are worried that reporting requirements for their grants are too intensive and that, as these requirements shift over time, there is too little guidance on how to meet the new obligations.


8. NEWS: Report on regional grants finds information barriers for civil society

A new report finds civil society and community groups face significant barriers to effective engagement with regional grants. However, the majority of those interviewed for the report stated that regional grants are a vital part of the Global Fund’s portfolio, especially for programs benefiting key and vulnerable populations. 


9. NEWS: Communities and civil society delegations issue joint statement on the replenishment outcomes

The communities and civil society organizations on the Global Fund Board were among many entities that applauded the outcome of the Fifth Replenishment but also called for greater investments in the fight against the diseases.


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