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Issue 277: 17 December 2015

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1. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Fund sets $13 billion replenishment goal

The Global Fund’s $13 billion replenishment target is $2 billion less than the target set for the last replenishment. The total funding need for 2017-2019 in countries where the Global Fund invests is estimated at $97.5 billion. Questions will likely be raised about both the target and the funding needs estimate.


2. NEWS: Despite serious concerns about risk, Global Fund approves $316 million in new funding for TB/HIV grants to Nigeria

The Board has approved $316 million in new funding for Nigeria’s HIV and TB programs to implemented by four PRs. Nigeria’s size and disease burden, and the need to maintain and scale up essential services, outweighed serious concerns about operational and systems weaknesses and risks. However, the funding comes with a number of conditions attached. Further, the Secretariat is adopting a differentiated approach to grant management in Nigeria, one that involves (among other things) recruiting state-level fund portfolio managers. 


3. NEWS: Prevention materials are still getting through to the “uncontrolled areas” of Eastern Ukraine

The Alliance for Public Health (formerly the International HIV/AIDS Alliance Ukraine), working with partner organizations, has managed to deliver HIV, STI, and hepatitis C prevention materials to the areas of Eastern Ukraine not controlled by the government. Delivering TB medicines has proved to more difficult. 


4. NEWS: Among second batch of regional concept notes, a community approach to treatment access in West Africa

Treatment access for HIV is lower in West Africa compared to other regions. A regional proposal plans to address this problem using a community approach.


5. NEWS: Aidspan finds gaps in the Global Fund’s response to HIV/AIDS epidemic in children

An analysis of 22 concept notes and 16 grant agreements undertaken by Aidspan reveals that children may still not be prioritized under the new funding model.


6. ANALYSIS: Global Fund promises a major effort to expand investment in human rights programming

Since the advent of the new funding model, the Global Fund has improved its guidance on including human rights initiatives in concept notes. But the Fund plans to step up efforts to expand investment in human rights.


7. NEWS: Database of civil society organizations in Burkina Faso boosts the community response

A database of community organizations in Burkina Faso was instrumental in developing that country’s concept note on health system strengthening. Using the database, organizational weaknesses were identified, particularly concerning the coordination of activities, But the process of creating the database was long and complex. 


8. NEWS: Funding in the amount of $224 million approved in November

In the latest wave of funding, 22 grants from 14 countries and one regional organization were approved. This marked the first time that external funding has been used to fund an initiative on the UQD register.


9. NEWS: Special arrangements established for funding applications from four Middle East countries and territories

The Board has waived certain requirements for funding applications from Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen because of the current political context and challenging operating environments in these countries and territories.


10. NEWS: Major focus on sustainability in November funding approvals

That the Global Fund is strongly promoting sustainability measures – and not just in middle-income countries – was evident in the grants approved by the Board in November.


11. NEWS: In brief

This article reports on the establishment of a new global fund to fight malaria and other tropical diseases; and on a campaign by civil society organizations in Malawi to organize for greater impact. 


12. ANNOUNCEMENT: GIZ extends deadline for applications for technical assistance in its main program areas

GIZ has extended to 31 December 2015 the deadline for applications for technical assistance in its three main program areas: country coordinating mechanisms, health systems strengthening, and grant management.


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