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Issue 276: 24 November 2015

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1. NEWS: Discussion, but no decisions yet on changes to the allocation methodology for 2017-2019

The Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee, the Technical Review Panel, and the Technical Evaluation Reference Group shared their views on the allocations methodology at the Board meeting on 16-17 November. The SIIC will recommend a methodology at its meeting in February 2016, which the Board will be asked to approve in April 2016. Meanwhile, a number of organizations from Eastern Europe and Central Asia sent an open letter to the Board requesting more communication and consultation concerning any planned changes to the allocations methodology.


2. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Survey finds African key populations still largely excluded from decision-making, despite NFM promises

Participation by key populations in the applications process is weak, according to a survey conducted by African Men for Sexual Health and Rights, and it is diminishing as countries advance through the different stages. 


3. NEWS: New strategy will allow the Global Fund to play a more active role in shaping markets

The aim of the new market-shaping strategy adopted by the Board is to allow the Fund to play a more active role in shaping market dynamics to increase access to health products. The strategy includes a section on preparing for when countries transition away from Fund support. It also explicitly supports efforts by countries to keep the costs of medicines low, including through generic competition.


4. COMMENTARY: A policy and a strategy on transitions are urgently required

Countries are transitioning away from the Global Fund, voluntarily or otherwise, in the absence of guidance from the Fund on how the process should unfold. It’s time, David Garmaise says, for the Fund to develop a transitions policy and strategy.


5. NEWS: The challenges of CCM reform in the DRC

A reform of the country coordinating mechanism is taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo to comply with Global Fund requirements. Among the main achievements of this reform: the size of the CCM was reduced by half, conflict of interest regulations were written, and a system of rotation of members was put in place to prevent them from staying too long in their positions.


6. NEWS: Progress in assurance and risk management too slow: OIG

According to the Office of the Inspector General, the roll out of the Global Fund’s new assurance model requires more buy-in and a bigger push from senior management. In addition, the OIG said that the Fund has failed to tailor its grant implementation arrangements in countries where health services have been devolved to lower levels of government.


7. NEWS: OIG investigations in 2015 show that misuse of funds occurs most often in procurement, construction and training

In its semi-annual progress report, the Office of the Inspector General said that although putting in place corrective actions on a case-by-case basis has been effective, when funds have been misappropriated, a more systematic approach is needed to prevent similar misconduct in other grants that may have similar vulnerabilities. The progress report includes plans for audits in 2016.


8. NEWS: Recoveries backlog is being gradually reduced

At 30 June 2015, the amount still to be recovered stemming from fraud or improper use of grant monies identified by the Office of the Inspector General was $55.1 million, down from $64.1 million at the end of December 2014.


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