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Issue 271: 23 September 2015

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1. NEWS: Programs supported by the Global Fund saved 17 million lives through the end of 2014, Fund says

Used a revised methodology, the Global Fund estimates that through programs it supports, 17 million lives have been saved. This is almost double the figure of 8.7 million lives saved announced by the Fund in July 2012.


2. ANALYSIS: Turning a funding crisis into an opportunity in Cambodia

With external resources declining, Cambodia had to find new and cost-effective ways maintain its gains in the fight against HIV and to make further progress. Faced with critical choices, stakeholders came together to forge a consensus.


3. NEWS: Global Fund will launch its replenishment campaign as a high-level event during the UN General Assembly annual meeting

The launch of the Global Fund’s replenishment campaign in New York later this month is the start of a series of events and activities that will culminate in a pledging conference in mid-2016. The Global Fund Advocates Network will be lobbying donor governments to increase their contributions to the Fund.


4. NEWS: Performance-based financing to be introduced in health centers in DRC

A partnership between the Global Fund, GAVI, Unicef, and the World Bank aims at improving the services provided to patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo through a performance-based financing system.


5. NEWS: Global Fund approves funding of $1.5 billion for 35 grants

In its largest funding award to date under the NFM, the Board approved $1.5 billion for 35 grants emanating from concept notes submitted by 15 countries and three regional organizations. The award includes $123 million in incentive funding. In addition, interventions worth $379 million were placed in the registry of unfunded quality demand.


6. NEWS: Testing of a training curriculum to enhance the advocacy skills of the PWID Community in the EECA has been completed

A three-day training session in Tbilisi, Georgia in September completed the testing of a training curriculum designed to enhance the skills of people who inject drugs to advocate for domestic funding of harm reduction programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


7. NEWS: Fund’s decision to stop providing new funding for HIV in some EECA countries threatens future of harm reduction programs, report says

A case study conducted by the European Harm Reduction Network found that there was a lack of transition planning when the Global Fund decided to stop funding HIV programmes in Serbia. The network expressed concern about the future of harm reduction programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


8. NEWS: NFM poses a threat to harm reduction, researchers say

Despite the fact that the Global Fund is committed to promoting harm reduction, elements of the new funding model threaten future investments in this area, according to the authors of a recent study.


9. NEWS: Summaries of eight regional concept notes that have been approved for grant-making

This article provides summaries of eight of the 13 regional concept notes that were submitted in 2015, that have been reviewed the Technical Review Panel, that have completed the first of two reviews by the Grant Approvals Committee, and that were approved for grant-making.


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