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Issue 265: 06 May 2015

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1. NEWS: The missing middle: harm reduction in East Africa

Needle exchange and opioid substitution therapy programs are a small but resourceful response to a growing threat of injected drug use (IDU) in sub-Saharan Africa, which is beginning to drive the HIV epidemic and threatens to undermine the investment in reducing the burden of disease. 


2. COMMENTARY: Innovation for greater impact: exploring domestic resource mobilization efforts in collaboration with the Global Fund

Domestic expenditures for health are particularly vital, and developing countries are already making greater investments in their own health systems. Through the Global Fund’s 2015-2017 concept note process, implementing countries have committed $3.9 billion to date in domestic financing. Mobilizing these funds will help ensure program sustainability as countries transition from international support.


3. NEWS: New platform for reports of human rights violations in Global Fund programs launched

The Office of the Inspector General has launched a new platform for individuals to report allegations of human rights violations occurring in programs or activities supported by the  Global Fund. 


4. NEWS: With eye on transition, a boost to investment in community systems in EECA

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine will lead a new regional technical assistance project across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.The project, to ensure that knowledge, skills and experience -- with particular emphasis on community systems, rights and gender -- are transferred and ingrained in local groups, will be supported by the Global Fund's Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative and will run through 2017.

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NEWS : Global Fund seeks to recover $116,000 from Tajikistan after procurement fraud

Tajikistan will be asked to repay more than $116,000 after an Office of the Inspector General investigation that found irregularities in procurement carried out by a government sub-recipient of an HIV grant managed by the UN Development Program.

NEWS : Stakeholder workshop in Russia develops path to grant implementation

In a two-day workshop, Russia's coordination committee discussed the foundations for oversight and implementation of an HIV grant: the first to be implemented under the Global Fund's NGO rule.


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