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Issue 263: 08 April 2015

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1. NEWS: Maturity and systems theme of 33rd Board meeting

The Global Fund used its 33rd Board meeting on 31 March-1 April to demonstrate its continued maturation as an organization and show that the systems it has put in place are working. Cracking the perfect façade, however, are what appears to be lack of appetite for reform within the Board itself and the reality that unfunded quality demand will remain so.  


2. NEWS: Global Fund at eye of perfect storm in financial markets in 2014

The Global Fund is trying to weather a perfect storm of currency fluctuations, new restrictions in international banking and additional financial requirements caused by shortened grants. Thus far, none of the external shocks have caused an interruption in programming, the Board heard during its 33rd meeting.


3. NEWS: "Finally, the Global Fund is focused on human beings": Dybul delivers executive director's report

In his report to the Board as part of its 33rd meeting, Global Fund executive director Mark Dybul reflected on his travels in the first quarter of 2015 and how his interactions at the country level demonstrated that, for all the growing pains experienced initially, the new funding model is doing what it was supposed to do ensure investment for impact.


4. NEWS: Hauser and Kurtovic the new 'dream team' leading Global Fund Board

A consensus, unanimous vote for the new 'Dream Team' was passed, electing Norbert Hauser of the German delegation and a former interim inspector general as Board chair and Aida Kurtovic, from the developing countries NGO delegation and long-time civil society activist, as vice-chair. Campaigning took place behind closed doors and the vote passed easily as the 33rd Board meeting opened on 31 March.


5. NEWS: OIG releases first “annual opinion” on the Global Fund Secretariat

In a first annual opinion delivered by the Office of the Inspector General, an improved "organizational maturity" within the Secretariat was acknowledged. Still, further enhancements are required, specifically in areas including risk management, governance and internal controls.


6. NEWS: Global Fund Board approves final targets to complete the Corporate KPI Framework

The Global Fund has updated its key performance indicator framework, with targets for measuring performance in areas of human rights prevention and the quality of management and leadership. The first reports of progress on performance were also presented.


7. NEWS: Incentive funding awards reduced to find money to cover gaps in countries with shortened grant durations, TRP says

The Technical Review Panel says that the incentive funding awards it recommended for Window 4 applicants have been reduced by the Secretariat to find money to cover gaps in countries with shortened grant durations. It also says that the shortened grant duration policy means it is unlikely that the register of unfunded quality demand will be funded in full.


8. NEWS: OIG releases annual report for 2014 and an update on agreed management actions

The Office of the Inspector General submitted two papers to the Board at its meeting in Geneva: its annual report for 2014, and an update on agreed management actions implemented by the Secretariat. Separately, the Secretariat provided the Board with an update on recoveries.


9. NEWS: Code of ethical conduct for governance officials adopted

Under the code of ethical conduct adopted by the Board, while governance officials have a responsibility to represent their constituencies, "they are ultimately obligated to work in the best interests of the Global Fund".


10. NEWS: Co-Infections and co-morbidities framework approved

The Global Fund has approved a framework for financing co-infections and co-morbidities (COIM) of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The framework enables recipients to seek support for using existing resources received from the Fund for effective interventions against COIM, but the Secretariat warned of the likelihood that no additional resources would be forthcoming.


11. NEWS: Progress reported on community, rights and gender initiatives

The Global Fund has provided a progress report on its Community, Rights and Gender Special Initiative, and its Key Population Action Plan. It also provided findings from a review of concept notes submitted in the first four windows. 


12. NEWS: Global Fund in three-pronged approach to resource mobilization

Japan will host a kick-off meeting in December 2015 to open the process for the 5th replenishment of the Global Fund's coffers, set to begin mid-2016. While resource mobilization is likely to focus on the traditional slate of donors, more efforts are being made to channel funds from high net-worth individuals and, most importantly, from domestic sources in implementing countries.

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ANNOUNCEMENT : Aidspan releases MENA report

Aidspan on 19 March released its first-ever regional report: a snapshot of 10 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region as classified by the Global Fund. 


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