Our training emphasizes two areas:

  1. Improved understanding of the Global Fund. Using examples from the Fund, we clarify the roles that individuals or organizations can play as watchdogs in-country, and the value they hold ·
  2. Enhanced skills in promoting accountability and transparency, building an understanding of how country level organizations can use data to monitor aid flows.

We work mainly with individuals or organizations who seek to hold accountable the recipients or managers of public funds for health programs.

The course contains three modules, spread over 10 sessions. Each session ranges from one to three hours, allowing for tweaks based on current country contexts. The sessions are designed for about 20 – 25 participants. The first module can be done either online or in-person. Click here to access the e-learning platform.

The training done for watchdogs addresses the following main elements:



Training materials

CCM's Website Toolkit
Resource mobilization for watchdogs – training curriculum
Watchdog guide
Understanding the New Funding Model
A Beginner’s Guide to the Global Fund – 3rd Edition

Online Course

Introduction to the Global Fund

 Online course