Aidspan works together with in-country partners to tailor the best practice of watchdogging and monitoring under particular country contexts. We incorporate successes and failures from other organizations committed to transparency and accountability in ensuring aid is flowing most effectively, and with the greatest impact, to the right beneficiaries.

By improving the way we document and share best practice in monitoring and holding institutions to account, we can develop models for different organizations the world over to use to ensure that money being spent on health programming is targeted, efficient and achieving the highest possible impact. We seek local partners to test and use these models as they need.

Why build models of best practice in watchdogging?

  1. To demonstrate how organizations can build more advanced levels of monitoring aid flows in their countries.
  2. To demonstrate that effective watchdogs benefit by strengthening data analysis, using strong data visualization methods, and improving the quality of research writing and presentation of findings.
  3. To encourage country-level engagement in monitoring of global health programs, including health financing.
  4. To explore how best to measure effectiveness or impact of foreign aid in health systems.

Training materials

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Online Course

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