2 Sep 2014

The Global Fund's Strategy Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC) is beginning to collate the results of a new, 11-question survey of implementing country stakeholders so as to contribute to the emerging narrative about the high points and challenges in moving through the new funding model (NFM) process.

Aidspan understands that a total of 20 responses -- including 15 completed questionnaires -- were submitted by the 22 August deadline. The survey was initially sent to some 60 people included in electronic databases managed by the Implementers and Developing Country NGO delegations, but it is likely that it was distributed even more widely. 

Representatives of civil society were encouraged to provide as much feedback as possible, during an open exchange on a separate electronic mailing list, which also included concern that the survey was only available in English, thereby limiting the number of people who were realistically able to participate.

The 11 questions in the anonymous, qualitative survey ranged over topics including the length of time that country dialogue and concept note development took; improvements by the NFM over the rounds-based approach to funding, as well as the challenges; the degree of discussion surrounding the disease split; the value of an up-front allocation for planning purposes; and the difficulty or ease with which an application for incentive funding was made.

Impetus for the survey -- a first-ever formal survey of implementers on the NFM -- came from what SIIC vice chair Anita Asiimwe said in a letter to potential respondents was a commitment to holding consultations with implementers in order to understand their experiences of going through the NFM process.

Once results are compiled, and themes identified, selected implementers will be interviewed by telephone to delve more deeply into specifics, ideally related to the challenges in concept note development as well as application for incentive funding.

The SIIC should receive a first draft of the completed survey report before 20 September.

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