10 Sep 2014

The Global Fund board on 9 September gave formal approval for a search to find a successor to Martin O'Malley, who announced in August that he would resign his position as Inspector General.

In an electronic decision, the Board "approved the establishment of a seven-member ad hoc nominations committee" to assist with the appointment of the next person to take up the six-year, term-limited IG role.

Jan Paehler, who represents the European Commission at the Fund, will lead the committee that as of 9 September included: Pavel Aksenov, director of Russia's Esvero non-governmental coalition; the World Bank's Galina Mikhlin-Oliver; Navin Rughoonunun of the National AIDS Secretariat in Mauritius; and Timothy Ziemer, the head of the US Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI). Paehler was also a member of the ad hoc committee that recommended the appointment of O'Malley in June 2013.

Assignments to the committee were based on consensus within the delegations and were in line with requirements that they represented two implementing Board delegations and two donor Board delegations. A fifth seat was assigned to the World Bank as per the Board guidelines.

The remaining two seats will be assigned to individuals who are not affiliated with any Board constituency. One or both of these seats may be filled by independent members of the Board's Audit and Ethics Committee.

Now that it has been formally approved, the ad hoc committee's first step is to develop a workplan and timeline to find and short-list three candidates to replace O'Malley, with an eye to being in post in mid-January 2015. When tendering his resignation, O'Malley indicated he would maintain the responsibilities to his role for another six months: also January 2015.

The consultancy firm hired to undertake the search is Russell Reynolds Associates.  They had previously assisted in the recruitment of Mark Dybul in 2012 as the Fund's executive director.

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