28 Nov 2017

Peter Sands “looks likely to re-engineer the Global Fund to take more seriously the economic aspects of infectious disease threats,” editor Richard Horton writes in The Lancet. The commentary appeared on 25 November.

Peter Sands was recently selected by the Board to be the next executive director of the Global Fund.

“For several years [Sands] has built a reputation as a thoughtful advocate for greater attention to the economic costs of infectious diseases,” Horton writes. “As a former banker, he speaks directly – and with considerable credibility – to the business community about the economic impact of unexpected infectious disease shocks.”

Horton writes that the centrality of infectious disease preparedness to economic security – and, therefore, to social development and political stability – has been widely neglected by the global health community. “Sands intends to replace that complacency with a commitment to change the terms of engagement with countries and international institutions,” Horton says.

We recommend that readers view the full commentary (link to The Lancet website here; download PDF file here). Peter Sands is expected to take up his position as executive director in mid-March 2018.

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