29 Jan 2008

Aidspan has released a revised version of Volume 1 of “The Aidspan Guide to Round 8 Applications to the Global Fund." It is accessible at no charge at www.aidspan.org/guides, where various other Aidspan Guides are also available.

The revised version, dated 17 January, updates some of the information provided in the original version, which was described in Issue #83 of GFO (available at www.aidspan.org/gfo). In particular, the revised version contains new information on:

  • eligibility requirements for Round 8 with respect to what the Fund now refers to as "cost-sharing" (these replace the eligibility requirements with respect to what the Fund used to refer to as "counterpart financing"); and
  • measures adopted by the Board designed to make it easier to fund health systems strengthening activities (these measures will be reflected in the Round 8 proposal form and guidelines).

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