20 Aug 2015

Dear subscribers,

This is my final issue at the helm of Global Fund Observer. It’s been an extraordinary two years of watching, and listening, as the Global Fund evolves and matures into a dynamic and responsive financing mechanism. I hope that GFO has, equally, evolved and matured to respond to and document the concerns and vision of grant implementers, partners and the people who benefit from Fund-supported programs.

We have, in response to reader suggestions, sought to expand GFO’s reach in these last two years, pivoting away from an exclusive focus on what is happening in Geneva to explore more broadly the impact of those policies on countries and actual programs. Expanding our roster of correspondents to all of the regions in the Global Fund system has allowed us to delve more deeply, and monitor more closely, how the NFM is translating into effective impact and strong results.

As I return the editor-ship of GFO into the strong hands of David Garmaise, Aidspan’s Senior Analyst, assisted by Stephanie Braquehais, I am confident this implementation-level analysis and insight will continue as GFO enters its 14th year and encourage you all to maintain your support for the vital work done by Aidspan as the independent watcher of the Global Fund.

Lauren Gelfand

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