15 Jan 2019
For first time, both English and French newsletters accessible via app for all devices

Aidspan is delighted to introduce our mobile-based applications for both Android and IOS users. Our GFO newsletter in English and OFM in French can be accessed via the GFO Newsletter apps, diversifying the way we deliver our bimonthly newsletter to subscribers.

These newsletter apps are downloadable free of charge:

  1. For Android: Go to Google Play store and search for GFO Newsletter
  2. For iOS: go to the Apple store and search for GFO Newsletter.


To install the GFO/OFM newsletter app, Android devices must be running system 4.3 or above. For Android, the app is relatively small (only 1.7 megabytes), making it relatively affordable to run. For iOS users, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 11.1 or above. The size of the app for Apple devices is about 7.5 megabytes.

These highly responsive versions of the GFO and OFM revolutionize our newsletter publishing, offering subscribers alternative ways of accessing or receiving our content. The GFO newsletter app for Android was initially launched in July 2018, and the iOS-compatible app in November 2018. With testing on both now fully complete, this is the first announcement of their joint availability.

We encourage our subscribers to use these apps as they are faster than mobile websites, offer instant access, and make it easier to retrieve our content. Importantly, the apps reduce data costs for users when accessing our bimonthly newsletters.

As an independent watchdog of the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and malaria, Aidspan strives to keep improving the means we use to deliver information, critical analysis, and commentary on developments at the Fund. For further assistance and advice on usage of the apps feel free to contact michelange.muberuka@aidspan.org. We hope you enjoy our apps – and your ratings in the app stores would be greatly appreciated.


Read this article in French. Lire l'article en français.

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