9 Oct 2012

The Global Fund Board recently approved two Round 8 malaria grant renewals for Nigeria worth $225 million. This amount included $50 million in “new” money, which will be used to purchase bed nets.

A spokesperson for the Global Fund told GFO that although adding new money to a grant is not typical, it does happen from time to time. In this instance, he said, there was a large unmet need and a significant potential for impact. In addition, the Government of Nigeria agreed to commit additional funds ($100 million) to the programme.

The spokesperson said that the new money was within the ceiling originally approved for the grant, but was in addition to what had been expected to be committed this year. He added that funding for purposes such as this periodically becomes available because some grants are not renewed for a Phase 2.

In the case of Nigeria, a third malaria grant was not renewed because the CCM decided it should be discontinued. The programmes under the discontinued grant were assigned to the PRs for the two grants for which Phase 2 was approved – the Society for Family Health and the National Malaria Control Programme. The PR for the discontinued grant was the Yakubu Gowan Centre. Yakubu was the subject of an OIG investigation in 2011 involving foreign currency transactions on the parallel market (see GFO article).

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