1 May 2019

As it gears up for the Sixth Replenishment, the Global Fund has published a new series of government donor profiles, highlighting each country’s pledges and contributions to the Fund since the start of their respective donor relationships.

The profiles of 40 current government donors are accessible on the Government Donors page on the Global Fund’s website, in a drop-down menu that takes you, in one further step, to the profile page of the country you’ve selected. Each donor government profile shows the pledges and contributions (a) cumulatively to date; and (b) for the Fifth Replenishment.

The Secretariat’s communications team told Aidspan that the Fund’s intent in creating the new profile pages was to make donor data more readily available and more attractive, in order to be more accessible to users of the Global Fund website. The revised pages can also be updated more easily and frequently, we were told.

The Government Donors landing page also (a) contains an interactive world map with mouse-over popups that state that country’s cumulative contribution to the Global Fund to date; (b) provides a link to Excel and PDF files showing all pledges and contributions in both the currency in which the pledge was made and the U.S. dollar equivalent; and (c) lists the 20 biggest government donors ranked in order of their cumulative contributions, starting with the U.S. and ending with China. (More than 60 countries have so far made contributions to the Global Fund.)

Contribution from Japan

The Global Fund also announced recently that Japan has made a $339.3-million contribution to the Fund –– thus bringing Japan close to fulfilling the balance of its $800.0-million pledge made in May 2016 by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment. Japan used the occasion to affirm its support for the Global Fund’s principles of country ownership and sustainability, and specifically for the Fund’s role in contributing to the building of resilient and sustainable systems for health as a foundation for universal health coverage.

Although this contribution does not count towards the Global Fund’s $14.0-billion target for the Sixth Replenishment, it nevertheless underscores Japan’s commitment to the Fund. The $800.0-million pledge, when measured in Japanese yen, represented an increase of 46% over Japan’s previous pledge and the largest percentage increase among public donors. Japan is overall the fifth-largest donor to the Fund, having contributed more than $3.45 billion since 2002.


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