29 Apr 2020

The Communications Team at the Global Fund Secretariat has launched an invitation to everyone involved in Global Fund-related work to participate in a story-gathering effort for social media.   

Given global travel restrictions, the team is reaching out to their partners and networks to ask individuals to send them selfie-videos about their experiences and work during the COVID-19 pandemic, all around the theme “The Fight Continues” to end AIDS, TB and malaria. They are asking people to share one or two concrete examples of how their work continues and/or is impacted by COVID-19.

The question your 1-2 minute video-selfie should answer is “How is your organization continuing the fight to end HIV, TB and/or malaria?” 

The team says they are “casting the net very wide” and welcome stories from anyone who wants to share their experience: health workers, community leaders, photographers, advocates, peer educators, and more.  

A briefing note about the project details the specifications for the selfie-video production, including technical requirements.



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