19 Mar 2019

As part of the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) campaign for the Sixth Replenishment for the Global Fund, GFAN is developing short videos thanking donors for their contribution to the Global Fund and implementing countries for their commitments to health.  These short videos will show different people, in different settings, saying ‘thank you’ in different languages, and end with a message in the main language(s) of that country thanking them for their commitment.

GFAN has already collected a number of videos, but is looking for additional short clips of people saying ‘thank you’ (with enthusiasm) in groups, with varied backgrounds, in particular outside.  

If you would like to contribute a video clip, please send your contribution to Tara Hogeterp at th@icssupport.org by March 31, 2019.   Videos can have people saying “Thank you”  or “Thank you for your commitment to the Global Fund”  in any language.  Please also provide with your video submission a note with which language was used. 

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