23 Jan 2003
  • Global Fund Observer will be in Geneva to report on the 29-31 January Global Fund Board meeting. Within a day or two of the meeting ending, GFO will email to subscribers an issue of the Newsletter that reports on what was discussed, what was decided (including which proposals in Round Two were approved), and what was said in the key papers used as inputs to the meeting. Some of those papers will also be posted at www.aidspan.org/globalfund.
  • Readers of the GFO Newsletter (whether or not they have registered) are invited to meet the Editor of GFO for informal discussions in Geneva (27 January, 5:00 to 6:00 pm) and London (4 February, 10:30 am to 12:00 noon). Topics to be covered include: readers' hopes and concerns about the Fund; what readers would like to see more of in GFO; and more. These will be low-key off-the-record round-table conversations. To accept the invitation and receive location details, email rivers@aidspan.org. Similar meetings will probably be announced in February or March for New York and Washington DC.
  • The GFO Newsletter currently has 2,250 subscribers (including members of at least 21 CCMs) in 125 different countries. Of these, 700 also subscribe to the GFO Discussion Forum. (See below for instructions on subscribing to the Discussion Forum.)
  • For a definitive collection of papers on the Global Fund, see www.aidspan.org/globalfund. The site now shows which papers are the most popular downloads. Recently added papers include an updated version of "CCM Contact Details", and "Proposed US Contribution in FY 2004 for Global AIDS, TB and Malaria".

Bernard Rivers (rivers@aidspan.org)

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