26 Nov 2013

Aidspan has officially launched a new data analysis tool designed to provide comprehensive information about historical and current pledges and contributions to the Global Fund.

As the Global Fund’s Fourth Replenishment Conference nears, the data represent a critical tool for activists and governments alike to ensure accountability from and for the Fund to track its progress towards its goals of having every penny at its disposal for the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria.

The impetus for the tool came from Bernard Rivers, Aidspan’s founding director and author of the 2012 publication: Donors to the Global Fund: who gives how much. The tool’s development was led by Senior Systems Officer Kelvin Kinyua.

Data driving the tool were obtained from the publically available information on the Fund's own website. 

The data rank and then rate all High Income and Upper Middle Income country-donors to the Global Fund by year from 2003. This arrangement demonstrates the changes in donor relationships with the Fund over time, and the evolution of those relationships.

Aidspan also applied a ‘donor score’ to each country for each year of its contribution. The score assesses a country’s contribution to the Global Fund against its Gross National Income. It does not, however, reflect a donor’s bilateral commitments to any particular country or a donor commitment through other multilateral mechanisms – only its commitment to the fight against the three diseases through the Global Fund’s granting process.

The Pledges and Contributions pages can be found on the Aidspan website. The page also features a separate platform for feedback and comments.

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