27 Aug 2012
Check out the new-look website: www.aidspan.org
New features include “GFO Live”

For ten years, Aidspan has had a website that has served us well, enabling us to carry out our mandate as a watchdog of the Global Fund. Through the website, we have been able to provide access to our many Aidspan guides and reports and our hundreds of GFO articles. The website has gained a wide audience over the years and has become an authoritative source of Global Fund–related information.

However, even a good thing must change with time to become better. Today, Aidspan is pleased to announce the launch of a new website. The look is new, but the URL is the same as before: www.aidspan.org. The new-look website is part of a larger redesign project which includes a new logo (shown here) and a new look for GFO Newsletter.

The new website provides several new features. One is “GFO Live,” where we post articles about the Global Fund and related issues as soon as they are written. This means that subscribers to GFO don’t have to wait until it arrives by email to see the latest news, analysis or commentary. There are some articles on GFO Live now that are not in this issue of GFO Newsletter – check them out here.

In addition, users of the new website are able to comment on GFO articles and respond to other comments. (Visitors to the site will have to create an account in order to use the comments feature.)

Another new feature is the “Related News” section, where visitors to the site are able to see articles from sources other than Aidspan that we believe are important and relevant to the topics we cover.

Visitors to the new site will also notice that the pages containing information on Global Fund grants have been completely revamped. New graphs and tables enable visitors to quickly identify how grants are performing. Check out the new grant pages here.

We will continue to offer GFO Newsletter to our nearly 10,000 subscribers on a regular basis. Readers of the newsletter are advised to check GFO Live regularly because some articles that appear in GFO Live may not be reproduced in the subsequent issue of the newsletter.

We welcome your feedback on the new website. Tell us what you like and what needs to be improved to enhance your user experience. Write to us here.

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