25 Jan 2013

Aidspan’s website (at www.aidspan.org/page/grants-country) includes detailed information on Global Fund grants, complete with graphs and tables to make the information easy to digest. The grant pages, which were re-designed last August when Aidspan launched its new website, show multiple items of information about each grant, all obtained from the Global Fund website. The information provided on the Aidspan website is based entirely on data obtained from the Global Fund, most of which is on the Fund's website.

For each country, Aidspan provides a graph showing performance ratings since January 2010 (see portion of the graph for Indonesia depicted below).

Also for each country, there is a separate page for each grant that shows in graph form data on budget, disbursements, expenditures and performance ratings history; plus similar (and more detailed) information in table format. The graphs for each grant allow users to observe the pattern of disbursements and expenditures and how this compares to the budget for the grant. The graphs also identify moments where there appear to be problems with the grant, such as no disbursements or no expenditures for a period of time, or expenditures exceeding disbursements.

(See portion of the graph for a Round 6 HIV grant from Mozambique depicted below.)

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